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B A C K  C A T A L O G U E
Source: SOME KIND OF HERO No. 2/April 1997

The 3 studio albums of Wilko and Dr Feelgood plus the legendary Stupidity live album can be ordered directly from Dr Feelgood. Visit the Grand Records Order Shop page.

Call It What You Want, Barbed Wire Blues and Pull The Cover are still available on import CD. Try Adrians Records, 36 High Street, Wickford, Essex, UK, Tel. 0044 (0)1268-733318. They probably will have "Blues" & "Cover" in stock otherwise they can be ordered from any large store - try Tower Records in London but expect up to eight weeks for delivery!

The UK release of Barbed Wire Blues on Jungle has been deleted for some time although they do have a limited stock of the 7" Casting My Spell On You (Fresh 31) - write first to Jungle Post, 62 Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AN, UK.

Bedrock Records ceased to trade a couple of years ago so Don't Let Your Daddy Know is also unavailable.

The CD release of the Solid Senders is quite widely available through any large record store.

There are two recent compilations - Southend Rock 2 and the NVR&BEP6 (more info in Newsletter No.1/February 1997).

DR FEELGOOD: To coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Feelgoods, Down By The Jetty, a book covering the band's entire career was released in May 1997, there is also a compilation (double) CD released around the same time from Grand Records 25 Years Of Dr Feelgood (more info on Dr Feelgood Order Shop page).


Out of SOME KIND OF HERO no.2/April 1997

Dr Feelgood (with Wilko) Singles (all 7" no p.s.)

UP 35760 Roxette / (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 - both mono - (11/74)
UP 35815 She Does It Right / I Don't Mind - (3/75)
UP 35857 Back In The Night / I'm A Man (Live) - (7/75)
UP 36171 Roxette (Live) / Keep It Out Of Sight (Live) - (9/76)
FEEL 1 Riot In Cell Block No 9 (Live) / Johnny B Goode (Live) - Free 7" with "Stupidity" album - (9/76)
UP 36255 Sneakin´ Suspicion / Lights Out - (5/77) - #47 chart placing

Dr Feelgood (with Wilko) Albums

UAS 29727 Down By The Jetty - (mono) - (1/75)
UAS 29880 Malpractice - (10/75) - #17 in chart
UAS 29990 Stupidity (Live) - (9/76) - #1 in chart - Free 7" single with first 20.000 copies
UAS 30075 Sneakin´ Suspicion - (5/77) - #10 in chart - Sneakin' Suspicion was re-released in the early 80's in the EMI Fame series. Possibly the others were too? In the late 80's/early
90's Grand Records re-relased the three studio albums on CD, LP and Tape (except "Down By The Jetty" - CD only)
GRANDCD 05 Down By The Jetty - (89)
GRANDCD 09 Malpractice - (90)
GRANDCD 13 Sneakin' Suspicion - (91) - Whilst EMI/Liberty released the "Stupidity" tracks (including the free 7") together with live tracks from later line ups on:EMI CDP 7959342 Stupidity + (Dr Feelgood Live 1976-1990)
There is also a "Bootleg" CD available - "Boom Boom" which features early Dr Feelgood radio sessions

Dr Feelgood Compilations

LBG 30341 Casebook LP - (11/81) - 6 tracks from the Wilko era
EM 1332 Singles (The U.A.Years+) double LP/CD - (5/89) - - 6 tracks Wilko era
724383441426 Looking Back 5 CD Box Set - (9/95) - Wilko era on 1st CD plus short interview & B-sides on 5th CD (EMI)
GRANDCD 20 Twenty Years Of Dr Feelgood 1972-1997 - (double CD) - (5/97) - 9 tracks Wilko era
There is also a compilation CD released in the mid 80's - Case History


Solid Senders, Wilko Johnson etc Singles (7" with P.S. unless stated)

Wilko Johnson Solid Senders:
VIRGIN VS 214 Walking On The Edge / Dr.Dupree - (5/78)
NIGHTHAWK FRESH31 Casting My Spell On You / Looked Out My Window - (9/81)

Wilko Johnson:
ROCKBURGH ROCS220 Down By The Waterside / All Right - (3/80)
BLOCKHEAD BLO-1 Oh Lonesome Me / Beauty - (7/80)
NIGHTHAWK 7 FB4 Back In The Night / She Does It Right - (1/81) No P.S. - free 7" with "Ice On The Motorway" LP

The Wilko Johnson & Lew Lewis Band:
THUNDERBOLT THBE001 Bottle Up & Go E.P.; Caravan Man / Bottle Up And Go / I Wanna Be Your Lover / Looked Out My Window - (7/83)

S. H. & Wilko Johnson:
(Sorry, I do not want to name this person on my website for some reason. Gabi.)
ARELA ARE 002 It's All Over Now / I Want To Talk To You - (12/88) - French release
LINE LIMS 2.00010E It's All Over Now / I Want To Talk To You - (12/88)

LOSER 001 Wilko Johnson - "In Memory Of Muddy Waters" E.P. - features 3 tracks recorded live in France in 1983

Solid Senders, Wilko Johnson etc Albums

Solid Senders:
VIRGIN V2105 Solid Senders - (9/78) - Free 6 track live LP - VDJ26 with first 15.000 copies

Wilko Johnson:
NIGHTHAWK FRESH LP4 Ice On The Motorway - (1/81) - included free 7" single 7FB4
SKYDOG SKI2227 Pull The Cover - (French 45rpm LP 1984)
WATERFRONT WF024 Watch Out! - (12/85) - 45rpm LP in (at least) three different coloured sleeves
LINE INLP 4.00435 Call It What You Want - (German white vinyl 1987)
JUNGLE FREUD26 Barbed Wire Blues - (12/88)
HOUND DOG BUT001 Ice On The Motorway - (1/90) - re-release of the 1981 LP with some alternative versions, also available as a limited edition green vinyl release
MYSTIC MYS CD 127 Going Back Home - (10/98)

Ian Dury & The Blockheads:
Laughter (Vinyl/1980)

Various Artists Compilations

WARNER BROS K66077 Hope & Anchor Front Row Festival - double LP - (3/78) - 2 Wilko tracks: "Dr Feelgood" & "Twenty Yards Behind"
VIRGIN VD2508 Dead On Arrival - double LP white vinyl - (1978) - 1 Wilko track: "Walking On The Edge"
ALBION DAI 2 The London R&B Sessions LP - (1980) - 1 Wilko track: "The Whammy"
FRESH LP 8 A Fresh Selection LP - (1981) - 1 Wilko track: "Back In The Night"
THUNDERBOLT THBB-001 All Night Garage Service LOP- (1986) - 1 Wilko & Lew Lewis track: "Looked Out My Window"
WATERFRONT WF039 Garage Kings And Yunkyard Angels LP - (1988) - 1 track: "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window"
SKYDOG SKI 2230 Lost Hits LP - (French release 1989) - 2 tracks: "Wooly Bully" & "All Right"
NV RECORDS NVR&BEP6 7" Various Artists Compilation - (1996) - 1 Wilko track: "The More I Give"

C.D. Releases

ALBION ALCD 9.00135 The London R&B Sessions - (1986) - 1 Wilko track: "The Whammy" on var.artists comp.
LINE IN CD 9.00435 Call It What You Want - (1987)
LINE IN CD 9.00674 Barbed Wire Blues - (1988) - this was also supposedly released on Jungle in CD format (CD FREUD 26)
HOUND DOG BUTCD001 Ice On The Motorway - (1990)
VIRGIN CDV 2105 Wilko Johnson´s Solid Senders - (1990) - re-released in the "Virgin Vault" series in 1994 - same cat.no.
BEDROCK BED CD21 Don't Let Your Daddy Know - (7/91) - also a Japanese release earlier in the year (TECP-25701)
WATERFRONT WF029CD All Night Garage Service - (1991) - 1 Wilko track: "Wooly Bully" on var.artists comp.
SKYDOG 62242-2 Pull The Cover - (1992) - the 2 tracks from the "Lost Hits" compilation added to the vinyl release
VICL 410 Makoto Ayukawa & Wilko Johnson Band "London Session #1" - (1993) - Japanese only
VICL 420 Makoto Ayukawa & Wilko Johnson Band "London Session #2" - (1993) - Japanese only
THUNDERBOLT CDTB154 Living On The Front Line - Heroes Of Pub Rock - (1994) - the 4 tracks from the "Bottle Up & Go" E.P. on this various artists compilation
PUB 001 CD What's In The Pub In 1996 - (1995) - 1 Wilko & S.H. track on this Dutch various artists compilation
EMI PREMIER 724383796823 Naughty Rhythms: The Best Of Pub Rock - (1996) - 3 Dr Feelgood tracks - v.a.comp.
LUNCH LABEL01702001 Southend Rock 2 - (1996) - 1 track: "Muskrat" - v.a.comp.


Source: SOME KIND OF HERO no.3/July 1997


UP 35815 She Does It Right / I Don't Mind - This 7" single was 'officially' released in mono, however, there are 'demonstration' copies which are labelled 'stereo' although there doesn't appear to be any difference
EMI CDP 7467112 Case History, The Best Of Dr Feelgood - This CD mentioned in the last issue was released in 1987 and contained 5 tracks featuring Wilko
CN 2446/S BBC Transcription Services Stereo Pop Special 109 - Live radio promo LP from 1975
Boom Boom 2 - This bootleg CD supposidly features tracks from Southend 1975 and the USA 1976. However, the 'Southend' tracks are actually the same as the Sheffield and Southend tracks from 'Stupidity' although they are possibly slightly different mixes. The 'USA' tracks also appear to be from the Southend tape - possibly from a USA radio show?


SEND ONE Ecstacy I Ice On The Motorway (1988) - This 7" single was pressed up by the band but not deemed good enough for release
WATCH OUT! - was actually released in 4 different coloured sleeves (dark blue, light blue, black & red).
The London R&B Sessions - also was released in Germany on white vinyl - (Line ALLP 4.00135 J)


DR FEELGOOD 7" Singles:
UAUP35760 Roxette / Route 66 (France)
UA35815 She Does It Right / I Don't Mind (France)
UA 13744 She Does It Right / I Don't Mind (Spain)
UA16112 Back InThe Night / I'm A Man (Spain)
UA UP35857 Back In The Night / I'm A Man (Germany)
UA UP35857 Back In The Night / I'm A Man (France)
UA35857 Back In The Night / I'm A Man (Italy)
UA36171 Roxette / Keep It Out Of Sight (Germany)
UA 17359 Roxette / Keep It Out Of Sight (Spain)
UAO0698368 Out Of Sight (Belgium)
UAScO0696723 Back In The Night / She Does It Right (Holland)
SPL 10082 Back In The Night / Riot In... (Yugoslavia)
UA ScO0697189 Riot In.. / Don't Let Your Daddy Know (Holland)
UA ScO0698197 Going Back Home / Another Man (Holland)
UA36255 Sneakin' Suspicion / Lights Out (France)
UA36255 Sneakin' Suspicion / Lights Out (Germany)
ARIOLA 17928AT Sneakin' Suspicion / Lights Out (Holland)

Wilko Johnson 7" Singles:
VIRGIN lSS92AT Walking On The Edge / Dr Dupree (Germany, same as UK)
VIRGIN 2O97949 Walking On The Edge / Dr Dupree (France, diff p.s.to UK)
CARNABY MO 194S Down By The Waterside(Abajo AI Lado Del Agua) / All Right (Spain, same as UK)
ROSSIL RISS 8119 Casting My Spell On You / Looked Out My Window (Spain/Portugal)
CARRERE 13188 I Wanna Be Your Lover / Caravan Man (France, diff p.s.to UK)

Dr Feelgood LP's:
UAL3S466 Down By The Jetty (Australia)
UAL3S77O Malpractice (Australia)
UAL36OS8 Stupidity (New Zealand)
UAL36229 Sneakin' Suspicion (Australia)

Wilko Johnson LP's:
VIRGIN L36737 Solid Senders (Australia)
VIRGIN V210S Wilko Solid Senders (New Zealand)
VIRGIN VIP-6929 Wilko Solid Senders (no live LP) (Japan)
UNDERDOG67S74 Ice OnThe Motorway (diff. sleeve) (France)
SMS SP20-S296 Watch Out! (diff. sleeve) (Japan)


CD Releases

EMI 430S9-2 Stupidity (Australia)
SMS MP32-S118 Ice On The Motorway (Japan) - This 1987 release features the tracks from the original UK LP
TECP-2S30S Pull The Cover (Japan)
TECP-2S7O1 Don't Let Your Daddy Know (Japan)

Guest Appearances / Production Credits etc.

Ian Dury & The Blockheads:
Wilko credited with guitar and back-up vocals on 'Laughter' LP (SEEZ 30 also on CD) and two 7" singles: 'I Want To Be Straight'/'That's Not All' (BUY 90-2 diff.pic.sleeves) & 'Superman's Big Sister' (co-written with lan)/'You'll See Glimpses' (Dury/Watt-Roy) - BUY 100. Although Wilko played at the gig recorded for the 'Warts 'N' Audience' album, due to contractual differences, his contributions to the show were not featured.

Mick Farren:
'Vampires Stole My Lunch Money' Logo Records LOGO lO10 - Wilko credited with guitar on 4 tracks

Pearl Harbour:
'Follow Me l'm Lost Too' Warner Bros K S688S - Although there are no musicians credited on the LP, Wilko played guitar on this Mickey Gallagher produced album. Also a possible appearance on the Pearl Harbour single 'Voodoo'?

S. H.:
Wilko produced 4 tracks and is credited with 'backing vox' on S.'s Shakers LP 'Really Gone' (Lolita SO14). Three of these tracks were also released on a Waterfront EP - WFS 3. Wilko also contributed backing vocals on S.'s rendition of 'Needle In A Haystack' which featured on a free 7" EP given away with Hartbeat magazine. S. recorded some of the tracks for his 'Southchurch' EP at 'Chez Johnson'.

Benjamin Tehoval:
'The Southend Sessions' Wilko, John Denton & Lew Lewis play on the CD by this French artist which was recorded in Wilko's front room over three summers running.

Johnny Thunders:
'Que Sera Sera' Jungle Freud CD/LP 9 - Wilko contributed guitar to 2 tracks and 1 remix after everyone else had left the studio. Also re-released with extra tracks but mis-crediting Wilko's imput.

The Untouchables:
'Keep On Walking' / 'Keep Your Distance' Fried Egg Records Egg 011 - Wilko produced this 1980 7" single by a Bristol band of Dr Feelgood clones. Not to be confused with The Untouchables who recorded for Stiff records or the band by the same name from The London R&B Sessions LP which featured Steve Lewins.

M Band:
Wilko featured on a track called 'Osaka' recorded at Abbey Road studios. No further details.

Makoto Ayukawa:
As well as the 'London Sessions' CDs listed last time Wilko also played on 'Catfish' by this Japanese rock and roller.

Pink Fairies:
Wilko did some production for the Pink Fairies possibly the B-side of their Stiff single (BUY 2) - 'Spolling For A Fight'

Although not featuring directly on Motorhead's eponymous LP on Chiswich records, he is pictured and thanked on the inner sleeve.

Note by Alan Grundy, editor of Some Kind Of Hero:

Any additions to this discography will be gratefully accepted. If anyone has any details of compilations featuring tracks from the Wilko era Dr Feelgood, I would like to know.Thanks again to anyone who took the trouble to write in with additions: Chris Frances, Steve Smith, Graham Parker, Paolo Chiorino & anyone else l have forgotten.Obviously there will be some more - especially non UK releases so let me know!


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