This formerly was Gary's official website (since 1998), later became the GARY PRIMICH ARCHIVE WEBSITE.

.The Blues world has lost one of his best hamonica players.

On September 23rd, 2007, Gary Primich has joined some of his harmonica heroes in the Blues heaven. He was only 49 years old.

I have met Gary first in 1998, while cruising from gig to gig to see Omar & The Howlers playing in Germany. Gary was one of the nicest, funniest and down-to-the-earth men I have ever met. No need to mention he was one of the best blues harp players I know, he even blew wonderful tunes on my Hohner ''Little Lady'' (the smallest harmonica on earth), surely not an easy thing to do - for Gary no problem at all. We spent hours talking about music, the world, our lives and whatever sprang to our minds. It was always interesting and entertaing too to spend time in his companion. I am very sad about his passing, can not really believe yet that I will never see him again.
Bye bye, Gary! Thank you for your music and the memories on the times we shared at Omar's tour. I will always remember...

My thoughts and condolences go to those who love(d) him, to those who miss him.

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Gabi from Germany, October 2007

- Thank you to Christer from Sweden for notifying me about Gary's untimely death. -

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