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Snippets of FEELIN' GOOD Issue 7/April 1997

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield.



It was good to see so many Feelgood fans at the SKEGNESS WEEKEND. Thanks goes to Steve Smith who supplied videos and scrapbook articles for the special Feelgood presentation in "Moonshiners" on the Sunday morning - much appreciated Steve! As well as the appearance of Wilko Johnson there was another ex-Feelgood player there - the one and only "Gypie" Mayo who is now playing with "The Yardbirds". The Feelgoods left Norway at 3pm that Sunday afternoon to arrive at Skegness at 9.30pm and were on stage at 11.30pm. Songs performed were:

Instinct To Survive - Tanqueray - She's A Wind Up - Can't Be Satisfied - Back In The Night - Roxette - World Keeps Turning - Milk And Alcohol - Riot In Cell Block No.9 - Wine Women Whiskey - Down By The Jetty Blues - Down At The Doctors - Bony Moronie - Mad Man Blues - Great Balls Of Fire

The weekend was repeated at Bognor mid March. Dr Feelgood have had a holiday in April however Steve Walwyn had played in Spain for a week with his own band featuring ex-Feelgood Craig Rhind on bass. Craig also has his own band called "The Razors". There are always ex-Feelgoods appearing at the annual Lee Brilleaux memorial concerts and this year will be no exception but I am unable to confirm details yet. One ex-Feelgood likely to be there is former guitarist Gordon Russell who now lives in Paris, France and is part of a duo "Two Timers". It'll be good to see Gordon again if he can make it along with the regular musicians who appear to be there every year. All proceeds are going to Southend Community Extended Nursing Team, Tickets are available from GRAND RECORDS (Note by Gabi: Please have a look at the Memorials page for details!). The gig is at Southend (Westcliff) Cliffs Pavilion Maritime Rooms and is on May 8th but be warned: It will be a sell out so get your tickets TODAY! While you're sending for your tickets why not ask for the new CD "Twenty Years Of Dr Feelgood" and/or a copy of a new book "Down By The Jetty - The Story Of Dr Feelgood" due to be released May 5th (Note by Gabi: Detailed info at Order Shop page.).
Don't forget Feelin' Good is produced quarterly (Next one due July) and it's free and exists to let you know what is happening with Dr Feelgood so any articles/contributions are welcome. I do need S.A.E.'s however or I.R.C.'s if outside U.K. and most fans send 4/5 S.A.E.'s/International Reply Coupons a year to guarantee copies when printed. Thanks to all of you out there for your support of Dr Feelgood and The Dr Feelgood Information Service and contributers to this issue Christopher Somerville, Maurice Dunn, Ian Fawkes and Will Birch's help with the Drummer section (Note by Gabi: see Feelgood Dick an 'arry).

Keep on Feeling Good
John Butterfield



(by John Butterfield)

It's the 20th release on Grand Records but it is the first compilation CD and what better than to celebrate 25 years of the music of Britain's Premier R'n'B band. There are 40 tracks looking back over different line-ups from the very first album up to the more recent "On The Road Again" CD. The sleeve notes are contained in a compact booklet and were composed by the well known travel journalist and long time fan and friend of Dr Feelgood - Christopher Somerville. He contributes regularly to papers such as "The Times", "The Daily Telegraph", "The Independent" and has wrote travel books. He recently spent time with the Feelgoods in Switzerland and an article on this escapade is planned to appear in "The Times" early May.

The story of Dr Feelgood begins in Canvey with Lee Brilleaux and Chris Fenwick. A childhood friendship that lasted through into adulthood and the twenty years on that Lee had with Dr Feelgood. Everyone knows Lee could "Stride on any stage in any town, anywhere in the world, confront a cold crowd of strangers and within ten minutes have them on the point of his commandingly wagging finger". Lee "Took trouble with people and never lost sight of where he had come from". Almost every fan that I have met has reinforced that image by informing me of their fond memories of a drink with Lee in the nearest drinking 'ole. "The Feelgood ethic, on stage and off, was hard work, hard play and no ego nonsense" and "Chris Fenwick kept Lee and the band" on that track. The same ethos continuous and even though Chris isn't always at every gig he is there at the end of his mobile phone waiting to help out in case of anything occurs that could disturb the battle plans drawn up by Chris and Dr Feelgood. When Lee died in April 1994 "it looked as if the Dr Feelgood saga was at an end". Following a year of soul searching the band reformed with Pete Gage taking on the awesome task of leading the Feelgoods on their mission to give Feelgood fans what they want - no nonsense, hard rockin' R'n'B. Pete is "a lean and mean front man with a well seasoned gin-and-gravel voice of his own, a hunger to grasp his opportunity, a healthy respect for the no nonsense Feelgood approach to R'n'B and life in general and the courage to present himself night after night for inspection and judgement by critical fans raised on Brilleaux-era Feelgood". The other members of the cast are Kevin Morris (drummer since 1983), Steve Walwyn (guitarist extraordinaire) and Phil Mitchell on bass. The new look Feelgoods recorded "On The Road Again" and embarked on a non-stop tour visiting many different countries.


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