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FEELIN' GOOD Newsletter Issue 35/April 2004

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield.

Dr. Feelgood Information Service

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Hello one and all. Here is your quarterly dose of "Feelin' Good".

Looking back the Butlins weekend came and went and the Feelgoods played on the last night but not without some problems behind the scene. Butlins, in their wisdom, had allocated a venue which only held around 500 people and thanks to the many people who complained it was switched on the actual day to a 2000 venue. Good job really as The Hamsters and Dr Feelgood played to almost a full capacity and what a show they put on. It took me back to the Wilko days when the crowd were shouting ''Stevie, Stevie'' during the gaps in the songs and the choruses where everyone joins in during ''Back in the Night'' could have gone on all night as the people seemed to be enjoying it so much. No one could have noticed that the Feelgoods had left a show in Germany at 1am and travelled throughout the night to get to Skegness. It was good to see the Hamsters on the same bill again and Phil, Robert and I went to check out The Animals for a few songs and spoke to Norman Watt Roy who as well as playing with the Blockheads continues to play with Wilko Johnson. Another Blockhead who plays with the Animals is Mickey Gallagher who did two shows that night.

He was in The Animals in the mid 60's playing keyboards between the time Alan Price left and Dave Rowberry joined and he toured Scandinavia and UK.

As I always attend the full weekend with the Feelgood Brewery Support Group it was good to see Len Tuckey's Legend on the Saturday. The singer is Bob Paskins (hails from Southend area) who dedicated their version of "Back in the Night" to the late, great Lee Brilleaux. The guitarist was Len Tuckey who was married to Suzi Quatro and also her guitarist although he's lost a lot of weight since the Top of the Pops days in the 70's. On the Saturday evening were Nine Below Zero who were seen and heard doing their full on R&B set.

Dr Feelgood also visited several other countries including a return to Japan. There was also an opportunity for some UK dates in March and I went along to Burton where we had the pleasure of Eddie & the Hot Rods supporting us. They played some new songs from the album reviewed later in this issue but Barry did not introduce the band as afterwards in the dressing room he confessed he had forgotten the new guitarist's name (that's rock and roll). New guitarist? Chris Taylor from fellow Southend band ''The Receeders'' has now replaced Gary Loker but Richard Holgarth continues when he is not gigging with John Otway. The next day being a Saturday it was off to Cardiff City FC where Phil and I watched them beat Norwich 2-1 before Dr Feelgood played The Point at Cardiff. The Point had been renovated since our last visit last year and as always we received a great welcome from our Welsh fans. A week later the Feelgoods played at Rhegid centre where Phil celebrated his birthday before playing in Blaydon on the Saturday night and then having to find his way back to Cardiff to watch another football match. This time it was a very important one for him as his favourite team Southend were playing in their first major final and it was at the Millenium Stadium. The crazy thing was we were not doing anything the day after the Cardiff show so would have stayed over for the match. Instead Phil had to find the best way to get to Cardiff from Newcastle for a 1pm kick off. He looked at the trains but an indirect route involving 7 changes put paid to that idea. So in the end he got a 7.30am taxi from the hotel to the airport and flew to Bristol before getting the train (that's rock and roll). He enjoyed the match but the result was a win to Blackpool!

The Information Service is now into its' 19th year and hopefully still does what it set out to do which was to let fans know of where the greatest R&B band were playing and also any recording news etc that happened to happen. Along the way people have contributed to this by writing reviews, puzzles, supplying questions, photos, articles etc and I thank them for this. Can I also remind people I am always looking for contributions. In the past few years two newsletters seem to have bit the dust. I know ''Horseplay'' the Eddie & the Hot Rods fanzine vanished. It also seems years since ''Some kind of Hero'' the Wilko newsletter appeared so I can only assume it too has gone. I did receive a message from Irene (Wilko) to say that the editor had other commitments but was still intending carrying on publishing the newsletter but that is over a year ago.

The April issue usually contains words stating the Lee Brilleaux Birthday Memorial is sold out and this year is no exception but what is surprising is the speed over the last few years in the accommodation being sold out too. I usually announce the date of the Memorial in the October issue and really people should book their rooms then to guarantee a bed in the same place as the concert. The Memorial is always a special gig and this year it will be 10 years since Lee died.

Unfortunately over recent years I have had to report sad news of deaths and illnesses and on 31st January ex Feelgood drummer Buzz Barwell died in Denmark where he had been residing for many years now. Buzz was in one of the shortest lived Feelgood lineups with Phil, Gordon and Lee in the early 1980's. He also played with Lew Lewis. Sad news but not tragic was hearing about Mick Green who co-wrote some early Feelgood songs with Wilko whose guitar style was greatly inspired by Mick. He suffered a cardiac arrest in New Zealand during the song ''Cruel'' on the night of his second gig in Auckland. Mick passed out and was taken off the stage by the road crew. Luckily there were 2 doctors in the audience who assisted Mick, the male giving mouth to mouth and the younger female giving CPR. When Mick was told of this he jokingly said ''Why couldn't it have been the other way around!'' Mick had to have a quadruple bypass but is hoping to be back on the road with Bryan Ferry for the UK tour in June. I believe even Johnny Green sent his get well wishes via The Pirates web site. Grand Records have relocated their office to the Oyster Fleet and no longer deal with the mail order side of Dr Feelgood. Anyone wanting CDs etc now needs to place their orders with Cadiz Music Ltd, 2 Greenwich Quay, Clarence Road, London, SE8 3EY.

Other new addresses include new web sites from Two Timers and Eddie and the Hot Rods namely: www.twotimers.org and www.eddieandthehotrods.com.

Thanks as usual to everyone who contributed such as John Alderdice for his feelgrid, Andy C for D&P, Ian Fawkes for ''On the Couch''.

I'll be at the Memorial so as always ''Mine's a pint!'' and hope to see you all there.

Keep on Feelin' Good

John Butterfield
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Back in the night (or) The best of Wilko Johnson

17 tracks on this Jungle records compilation CD plus a 12 page booklet. The compilation features different line ups all featuring one constant in the vocalist Wilko Johnson of course. Musicians included are Norman Watt-Roy, John Denton, Charles Shaar Murray, Monti, Russel Strutter, Alex Bines and Mickey Gallagher.

Whilst I think Norman is the best bass player in all the Wilko line ups, I did enjoy the Ice on the Motorway album so was pleased to see 2 tracks on this namely ''Bottle up and Go'' and a great version of ''Keep it out of sight" with a certain Mickey Gallagher on keyboards. There are versions of four Dr Feelgood classics. Other tracks come from ''Going Back Home'' (1998), ''Radio One session'' (1988), ''Barbed Wire Blues'' (1988), ''Ice on the Motorway'' (1980), ''Don't let your daddy know'' (1993), ''2002 session''. As what one expects all tracks written by Wilko Johnson except Dr Dupree where Wilko had a co-writer in Hugo Williams. Everybody will never be 100% happy with compilations and I would have liked to see tracks such as ''Going Back Home'' and maybe a track from his days with Lew Lewis.

Full listing is: Slipping and sliding, Back in the night, Down by the waterside, Come back and love me, Living in the heart of love, I keep it to myself, Barbed wire blues, Some kind of hero, Keep it out of sight, Turned 21, Dr Dupree, Waiting for the rain, Sneakin Suspicion, Out in the traffic, She does it right, Bottle up and go and a live version of Roxette weighing in at just over 6 minutes long.

The Big Casino by Two Timers

The latest offering by everyone's favourite duo Sarah James and Gordon Russell. Eleven tracks all self composed.

Full listing is: All Because of you, Real Good TV, Killing Time, Edgar Allen Poe, Home, The Last House in Town, Terminally Me, The Devil and the Deep Blue, It'll Never Work, The Big Casino, One More Stone.

Songs about falling in love, staying in love and falling out of love. Real life situations that we have all been in, but wrote in the Two Timers style. ''Real Good TV'' tells you that ''it won't give you herpes or stain your clothes'' and life makes Real Good TV. ''Killing Time'' is classic Two Timers with sound of Gordon's guitar and Sarah's vocals well matching the haunting chords then the increased tempo of the chorus. ''Edgar Allen Poe'' took me back to the 70's with the sounds of B52s and the Rezillos although I can't imagine Sarah being a fan of the horror writer. A great line in ''Home'' states that ''Home is where the hurt is'' and is just one example of many on this CD that displays that Gordon and Sarah are great songwriters playing on words and rearranging phrases to suit the style and circumstances of the song. I'd never heard of the phrase ''doom gang'' before but I'm sure all can relate to the words in ''It'll never work''. The longest track ''One More Stone'' runs for over 5 minutes and has Sarah demonstrating her harmonica skills and Gordon playing the slide guitar a la Dr Feelgood.

Catch Two Timers Live at:
April 10th 2004 Chapel St Leonards (The Farm)
April 11th 2004 Chestrefield (Clownes Blues Club)
April 23rd - 28th 2004 Belgium
May 5th 2004 Newcastle (the Tyne)
May 6th 2004 Sunderland (Smugglers)
May 7th 2004 Hartlepool (Blackhall Navy)
May 9th 2004 Berwick (The Barrels)
May 14th 2004 Warrington (football club)
May 21st 2004 Dudley (Lamp tavern)
May 23rd 2004 Worcester (Marrs Bar)

Check out www.twotimers.org for latest dates and news!

Cheques £11.50 to Credo Records, PO Box 63, Hove, BN3 3XT

Better Late Than Never by Eddie & The Hot Rods

The title says it all - Better late than never is the brand new CD and the first to contain Richard Holgarth as a Hot Rod along with the usual suspects Barry Masters who has been in the band since it started in the 70's, and Simon Bowley, Dipster, Gary Loker.

The first track is one of 11 songs composed by the band ''Bad Time Again'' a song with a story with Barry being told by the Doctor ''don't plan your life too far, guess you know the score'', ''Need your touch'' is one that all travelling musicians can relate as it tells of life on the road and missing loved ones ''all the places I've been playing think about you, different shows, same highs and lows''. Strangely enough the opening chords remind me of Eddie's biggest hit ''Do anything you wanna do''. Johnny Green likes ''Ain't no Nine to Five'' as he ''starts to live when the sun goes down, couple of drinks, hit the town''. Anyone who doesn't know the Rods may be under the impression their life must be spent in drinking holes as ''Better without You'' talks about getting no sleep and visiting clubs and bars (I'm not one to shatter any illusions as it really is like that with the Rods!). Another fave is ''Sympathy'' with classic lines such as ''I don't want your sympathy'' and ''I do what I want to do'' set to a classic tune. I also like their tale of Billy the Kid which sounds like a Nine Below Zero song and tells of ''loose women, fast cars, days in bed and nights in bars'' (Johnny Green can relate to this one!). The only song that isn't written by the band is the one that usually opens their live set, the Ian Hunter ''Once Bitten, Twice Shy'' ( I prefer the live version). When I saw the track listing I was surprised to see ''High Society'' - have the Rods gone up market? Glad to say not as Barry sings ''you used to be the same as me but now you're high society''. An album with some solid guitar work and drumming with the recognisable Hot Rod beat.

Full listing is: Bad time again, Need your touch, Ain't no Nine to Five, Better without you, Deep Blue Interceptor, I'm gonna be your man, Sympathy, Not enough, Bad man, Shut up, Once Bitten Twice Shy, High society.

Order from Hotrods, PO Box 6239, Nottingham, NG16 3TA
Cheque or postal order £12.50 (in P&P in UK) to J. Padgett

See Eddie and the Hot Rods live on: May 7th Canvey Island (Lee Brilleaux Birthday Memorial)

More details from www.eddieandthehotrods.com


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