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FEELIN' GOOD Newsletter Issue 38/Jan. 2005

Published with friendly permission of editor John Butterfield.

Dr. Feelgood Information Service

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Looking Back

Welcome to the first issue of 2005 where after dusting away the cobwebs and searching through the alcohol ravaged brain cells it gives me a chance to look back over 2004 and the activities of the Britain's premier R & B band - Dr Feelgood.

The beginning of the year saw the lads at the Oyster Fleet Hotel for the now annual Dr Feelgood New Year Party before a chance for a break before the German tour from 22nd - 31st January. Issue 34 managed to contain references to the Red Arrows, Graeme Souness and nudists (sometimes even I wonder at my own sanity). 2003 was just over 130 shows. Robert declared his pleasure at a Newcastle sportsmen Jonny Wilkinson helping England win the World Cup. This declaration was at the Newcastle venue where only a few years previously Robert almost caused a riot when he went onstage wearing the Sunderland colours of Red and White! We think his earlier discretion has been forgiven now. The diary extracts featured gigs at Nettleham, Ipswich and Broughton, Gillingham, Narberth, Morecambe. Gordon McNeil provided a review of the 2003 gig at the Renfrew Ferry.

The Feelgoods travelled back from Germany overnight to appear at Butlins R&B weekend on the 1st February before going back to Germany and Japan later in the month. The Butlins experience was reported in Issue 35 and it was good to see Dr Feelgood and The Hamsters on the same bill. The same issue sadly reported the death of Buzz Barwell on 31st January. Buzz drummed with the Feelgoods in the early1980's. The Japanese dates albeit only 2 gigs which involved a lot of travelling to actually get there but the lads said it was worth it for the great reception they received from the fans over there. There were a few UK dates in March when we went to Burton-on-Trent with Eddie and The Hot Rods supporting Feelgood. Their vehicle struggled to get there so when the Feelgoods decided later to change the Feelgoodmobile, the Hot Rods were given first option and they took it. Phil and I managed to catch a football match in Cardiff on the next afternoon prior to a gig at The Point. The next week Phil travelled by car, train and taxi to return to Cardiff to see his football team play at the Millennium Stadium. Dr Feelgood spent most of April in Switzerland and the Mediterranean Blues Cruise was postponed by the cruise company due to difficulties with international licensing etc. Grand Records moved their base to the Oyster Fleet and allocated the mail ordering department to another company based in London, Cadiz Music.

The Dic'n'arry in Issue 35 described the letter K including Kahlua (the drink which inspired "Milk and Alcohol"), Kane (as in Robert) telling of his different stage names and his first TV appearance and Kursaal (as in Stupidity). Phil Mitchell laid on the couch, telling all of the best and worst part of being in Dr Feelgood, his views on Pete Gage, the recording studio Phil owned and the tale when Steve disappeared in an orchestra pit. Whilst at the Butlins' gig I rang Richard Holgarth who was putting the finishing touches to the Hot Rod CD "Better Late than Never". A review of this fine recording appeared in Issue 35 along with "Back in the Night" (by Wilko) and "The Big Casino" (Two Timers). At the Memorial on May 7th Dipster from the Rods was trying to sell me a copy and referred to the article and also noticed a listing for a gig on May 4th at Nettleham. Dipster told me they had played there the other night much to Simon's amusement as he hadn't realised the date sheet in Feelin' Good was actually the Hot Rods. I don't think he knew that the reason I was ringing Richard was to give him contact details of the Nettleham gig. The May edition of ''Uncut'' magazine featured a 4 page article on Lee Brilleaux written by Will Birch.

In the afternoon of the Memorial a wedding took place between two Feelgood fans Kevin and Trina (now sharing the surname Hoare) with Ann Adley and Steve Walwyn as witnesses. Christine Atkinson gained the title of Mother Feelgood following her hospitality the eve before. The show itself was great as always and special guests such as Eddie and the Hot Rods, Sparko, Bronzie, Lew Lewis and Wilko performed. A review appeared in Issue 36 along with diary extracts from the gigs at Blackpool, Skegness (The Farm) and Barnard Castle. Dr Feelgood spent most of May touring the UK before going to France, Sweden and Denmark in June. July and August is festival time so trips to different countries in order such as France, Portugal, Spain and Colne in the UK. I went along to Colne and whilst it was great to be back at the Municipal Hall the running order had been delayed so it was very late before the Feelgoods went onstage. More sad news in the Feelgood camp with the death of Irene who was the soulmate of Wilko for over 40 years. Wilko took a break from touring for a while but is now back on the road.

In September a trio of UK dates with a welcome return to Dumfries (it had been 21 years) where we were well looked after by the Scottish Feelgood contingent. Phil and I were invited to partake of the alcoholic waters of Scotland after the gig so went on a pub crawl getting back to the hotel around 4am. Gordon McNeil is currently penning a review so "watch this space"! On the road down south to the Highcross Inn at Broughton, where once again a full house and another late night. It's a lovely village to walk around in the morning whilst head spinning from excessive alcohol intake and standing too close to the sound system. The next day Phil and I decided to go cross- country and tracked down Mickey Jupp who took us for a lunchtime drink at his local. He hadn't seen Phil for years so there was a lot to catch up. He is still writing songs - in fact he had just finished one the day before but hasn't played live for a number of years. Maybe in the future - again "watch this space". The mini tour of the UK finished up in at Silloth beer festival before the band dashed off across the water overnight to play a festival in Annecy, France.

Robert took his turn on the couch in Issue 37 and informed all he was running the Great North Run whilst the Feelgoods took there annual holiday. He managed to do it in exactly 100 minutes. Steve was also feeling adventurous and cycled 700 miles from Biariz to Santiago in Spain. It took longer than 100 minutes though at 10 days that is enough to make me reach for a glass of wine and toast his stamina. The Dic 'n 'Arry was up to the letter " L" so interesting titbits about Nick Lowe, Lew Lewis and a few Beatles connections were mentioned.

Teppo Nattila from Finnish band "Doctor's Order" also sent me copies of 2 new CD's "How Sweet it is" and "Shut up Doc". The CDs can be purchased for 15 Euros (or £10) each from DocOrder Records/Nattila, Aleksis Kivenkatu 4-8 D84, 00500, Helsinki, Finland. "Shut up" includes such numbers as "No Mo Do Yakomo", "Something Good" and a song called "The Guvner - a tribute to Lee Brilleaux". "How Sweet" contains "I can tell", "Tanqueray", "No Mo Do", "Down at the Dr's", "Baby Jump", "She's a wind up".

Thanks go to Little Dave from England who sent me a double CD of Canned Heat and Dr Feelgood live in Holland and Germany. The CD is not on sale as it is a very special tribute to Haakie a well known person in the Blues/Rock world who sadly died in a motorcycle crash in June 2003. Sebastiano Re from Italy sent a CD of his band "The Refounders" with 6 songs She "does it right", "Roxette", "All through the city", "Shaking all over", "Sneakin suspicion" and "Down at the Drs".

The UK tour started at the end of October and on the second date which was held at Frome the band welcomed a special guest onto the stage for one song. The song was "Wine, Women, Whiskey" and the guest vocalist was Mr Pete Gage. Kevin had to take some time off so couldn't make the trip to Spain in November so another special guest was enlisted this time it was the Big Figure who played from 1st - 7th November. On the 9th November I collected Robert to take him to the Black Horse at Nettleham where this year we were playing two shows. It was good to see Tom and Clare again. Driving back up North on the 11th and what did we see on leaving the village - the Red Arrows again practising. My next gig with the band was at Newcastle where they played "The Cluny" courtesey of Jim who has promoted the band at many venues such as Kings Head, Allendale, Cellar Club, South Shields, The Dome, Whitley Bay, Newcastle Opera House. The Feelgoods played a trio of shows in Scotland before I met them at Bridlington followed by shows at Doncaster Leopard and Keighley Variety Club. Robert celebrated his 50th birthday on 6th December and was pleased that for the first time in years he had the night off on his birthday. In December there was a document on Anglia TV "When Essex Rocked " but no news about it showing in other ITV areas (check your local press or contact your local ITV station if you want to see it).

Plans for 2005 include as usual as many shows they can possibly do along with a reissue of "Going Back Home" but this time on DVD and including a bonus audio disc of live songs. The songs featured were recorded at Southend Kursaal 8th November 1975, Sheffield City Hall 23rd May 1975 and Aylesbury Friars 17th May 1975. Full track details are:

Going back home I can tell All through the city I'm a hog for you baby Riot in cell block number 9 Roxette You shouldn't call the doctor Route 66 Bonus promo video Back in Night

Audio CD
I can tell All through the city Going back home I don't mind Another man Back in the night 20 yds behind Keep it out of sight Checkin' on my baby Don't you just know it I'm a man Riot in cell block number 9 She does it right Rolling and tumbling Roxette You shouldn't call the doctor Route 66 Talking bout you Stupidity Walking the dog Johnny b Goode

No details of price known at time of printing. Date of release towards the end of January 2005. Enquire at your local music shop to order or purchase.

The Information Service will be 20 years old this year (I know, I don't look old enough!) and as always a huge thanks to the contributors Ian Fawkes, John Alderdice (for the "vicious" doc word), Andy C for Design and Printing and of course every fan of Dr Feelgood.

Anyone who wants to contribute can do so by drop me a line or send an e-mail.

Keep on Feelin' Good

John Butterfield

[The current e-mail address from John is available here - please keep you address books up-to-date.]

Fool For You

Several years ago, one April 1st , "Feelin' Good" published a spoof article about the splitting up of Dr Feelgood. Some people believed the article so here is a warning - do not believe the following!!

The British Government are sick of the endless reporting in the media of the Feelgood Factor so an emergency bill was hurried through parliament to ban anyone playing R 'n' B music forcing members of the greatest R 'n' B band in the land to find alternative professions or hobbies. Here is a fg exclusive when for the first time all can be revealed:

Kevin Morris renowned for his quiet approach to hitting them drums so softly, softly has opted for a peaceful career in bird watching. He can often be spotted hiding amongst the Essex reeds desperately seeking examples of "China Type", "Dark Crash" and "Heavy Rides". He naturally photographs such specimens and paistes them into his scrapbook!

Phil Mitchell renowned for getting up early on the morning after a late gig or drinking session. Phil was often the first one up even beating the hotel staff who were on an early turn. He has decided to commence a milk round and can be seen driving his van throughout the streets of Hockley proudly displaying the business name of "The Bottles".

Steve Walwyn has joined a preservation society and devotes his time petitioning and campaigning for more Yew trees to be planted and maintained in order to ensure the continuation of traditional cricket with "proper" wood bats. Please support his campaign by donating any unwanted bats you may have hidden away at home especially ones autographed by famous cricketers (past and present).

Robert Kane has taken up painting but only using his favourite colours black and white (oops sorry red and white!). He's not a landscape artist preferring instead to paint "Animals" such as pigs (Hog for you baby), dogs (Love Hound) and wolves (Wolfman Calling).


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