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Dr Feelgood Music Bar

From September 4th 1993 till July 4th 1994 the Dr Feelgood birthplace Canvey Island in Essex had got a new place for celebrating the music of that area: The Dr Feelgood Music Bar at 21 Knightswick Road. This was a historical place in many ways. Long years ago there was a lighthouse standing in front of the building and in 1953 at one of the big floods the people who lived there died. Later they tored down the lighthouse and the house became a pub called The Oysterfleet because there really was an oyster fleet at the backyard. This pub was the place where many musicians of the area set their foot on stage the first time in their lifes. It wasn't a big place but had an excellent acustic and atmosphere for gigs (Further below you will find a photo of the inlet of the Down at the Doctors CD in which Lee found the right words to describe the place). The Dr Feelgood Music Bar was opened by Lee and his friend and manager Chris Fenwick and was run by Kim and Dean Kennedy plus some other friendly people.

A great guy: Dean Kennedy Long time roadmanager of Dr Feelgood, Dean Kennedy cruised the whole planet since his youth. He played guitar in ELVIS DaCOSTA with Gypie Mayo and Dave Bronze, was the singer of the CANVEY ISLAND ALLSTARS and also could be heard with DEANOs MARVELS. After Lee Brilleaux's passing in 1994, he made several journeys to Jamaica producing Reggae records. Also Dean built up a company as tourmanager. Bands and artists he worked with were Supergrass, Edwyn Collins, Oasis, The Stranglers, Divine Comedy, Robbie Williams - just to name a few. In my* eyes Dean is the no. 1 person who should write a book about Dr Feelgood, because he was true to them and together with Dr Feelgood since his teenage years. He grew up with them, being especially close to Lee, who loved him like a son. Dean was there, always and all way through the good and hard times of the band, and - how I believe to know - for the right reasons. Dean has his heart at the right place AND he knows loads of interesting and funny "Doctor stories" to tell! (*Webmistress Gabi, a friend of both Dean and all Feelgoods.)

Dean made possible many great bands and musicians enjoyed to play in the small club (needless to say, the punters enjoyed it too!). Till today many guest and musicians have kept best and special memories on the lovely historical pub, its fantastic atmosphere for gigging and drinking. Located on, let it call me, Holy Ground the building was an important part of the musical history of Canvey Island. Ignoring many protests and requests The Dr Feelgood Music Bar was tored down in July 1995. Irony of fate: Few days later the council agreed with a long time asked for suggestion, the Oysterfleet posthumous received monument shelter. Obviously they have not recognized it already was tored down while they still were discussing about it (Is something need to say about politicians?). Short time later a huge hotel building was erected at the same place where just a few months earlier Dr Feelgood rocked the house, fronted by Lee Brilleaux for the last time ever...

What Lee wrote about the Dr Feelgood Music Bar



Ready to start!

 This was the MUSIC...

By the way: The stage
was built by Sparko!

 ...and that was the BAR

Staying there always
made us FEEL GOOD!
(Do not ask about
the mornings after...)

Always thirsty!


The Abdabs --- Against the Grain --- The Big Groove --- Black Star --- Blue Grass --- Booze and Blooze --- The Brothers Grimm (feat. Big Figure) --- The Bullet Blues Band --- Cadillac --- Canned Heat --- Candy Man --- The Chains --- Chicago Shouthouse --- Columbo --- Crossfire --- Doctor and the Medics --- Eddie and the Hot Rods --- The Electric Experience --- Elvis DaCosta and his Imposters (feat. Gypie Mayo, Dave Bronze, Dean Kennedy,...) --- Emperor of Icecream --- Eskalator --- Exit --- Dr Feelgood (Lee, Steve, Dave, Kevin) --- Ex- Dr Feelgood (Wilko Johnson, Sparko, Big Figure) --- Friday People --- Addey --- The Glitter Band --- Sid Griffin and the Coal Porters --- The Hamsters (feat. Barry Martin) --- The Inmates --- Jok the Jock --- Judge Dread --- Mickey Jupp (feat. Big Figure) --- Little Jimmy King --- The Lone Sharks (Gypie Mayo, Sparko, Big Figure, Gary Miller) --- Love Affair (feat. Kevin Morris) --- The Lunachicks --- Mitch and the Atoms --- Nine Below Zero --- 999 --- Off the Rails --- Phoenix --- Trunk --- Rimes of Reality --- Screaming Lord Sutch and the Savages --- The 6 oClock Shadows (feat. Gypie Mayo, Big Figure) --- Slim Tim and Lightnin --- Phil Sulphur --- The Sultans of Ping --- The Vibrators --- Wednesday Child --- Woofbark 94

MANY THANKS to DEAN KENNEDY who organized all the great gigs!


My tickets for Lee's final two gigs

The last two gigs of Lee Brilleaux

These very special events were supported
by the stage appearances of the brilliant singer

of The Inmates


Bill Hurley
Barrie Masters BARRIE MASTERS, frontman of
Eddie & The Hot Rods.

The live-album Down At The Doctors was recorded on Lees wish in the Dr Feelgood Music Bar at 24th and 25th of January 1994 with the last line-up: Steve Walwyn on guitar, Kevin Morris on the drums, Dave Bronze on bass (also producer of this album) and Ian Gibbons (Kinks) on keyboards, who also is well known of other Feelgood recordings.

CD Coverart

This album was recorded two and a half months before Lee died.
It does not need words as a comment - it speaks for itself.
Until the end... Lee was THE DOCTOR.


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