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In memoriam of
Joe Strummer


On Sunday, 22nd of December 2002, Joe Strummer died at his home in England, of congenital heart failure at age 50.

My condolences to Joe's family, friends and everyone who is missing him.

I just think, if for someone like me, who not even has known Joe in person, something like christmas happens
but it runs by somewhere in the far away distance, and I don't care because it hurts so bad to know Joe's gone
- how painful must it be for the ones who really have known and loved him?

Love, hope, peace, more tolerance, understanding and freedom to you/us all.

(December 24/25/26th, 2002)


The past 12 months I musically mainly have spent with literally anything Joe has left for us: Music, movies, written and
spoken words, anything. Read even about a billion words that others have written about him... Now, the ''one year after Joe
died'' day is close, and I still suffer about his passing. But in the last 12 months I also happily realized, I still have got the
kind of spirit I had two decades ago (when I was a so called ''punk''). Thought it went lost somewhere on the way through
the years, only it was hidden deep inside. I was not aware in many ways I am still standing at the same point, the same
level like way back then, just the surroundings look different. Again, I have no job, the future looks not that bright, but I
still rebel against injustice. Only difference, today I have got more knowledge about certain backgrounds. Thanks to people
like Joe Strummer, Little Steven (Steve van Zandt) and other 'fighters for the truth' who opened my eyes, ears and heart.

Joe's last visible gift to us, the Streetcore CD, holds another package of important messages and inspirations. The cd
makes me sad and happy at the same time. I only wish Joe would know how much his passion has helped me to
become a ''better human being''. To continue to hope, to believe, to fight, to rebel. - For a better world. For justice.

A Merry Christmas to you and Happy New Year to us all.

(December 16th, 2003)


After X-mas 2002 was kind of ''lost'' due to Joe's death, in December 2003 I had to add a candle to the one I kept
alight for him: On the same day like Joe (just one year later, on Mon. 22nd), under similar circumstances (heart
failure), and also unexpectedly quick, my beloved Granny Martha has died. Only a few hours before she passed
away she was telling jokes to the family, she looked alright...
Sleep well, liebe Oma, I love and miss you. Thanks for being with us for such a long time! Greetings to Mom.

(January 5, 2004)


Thanks a lot to the ones who sent such kind response in relation to this page!
It's nice to get to know how many people share my thoughts and feelings.
- March 1st, 2003


Robert Kane and Joe Strummer
Robert Kane and Joe Strummer - France on the 14th of August 1999
(Photo courtesy John Butterfield, Middlesborough, UK)

Joe visited Dr Feelgood's dressing room when The Mescaleros played at the same festival. Feelgood singer
Robert (pic) later told me how impressed he was to meet Joe, who congratulated the band to the choice of the new
frontman, saying ''You've got a good 'un there - Hang onto him!''. He also showed high appreciation to Kevin Morris'
drumming skills. The bands left the festival area at 4am and Joe set a bet running with Kevin, that his tour bus
would reach the ferry to England before the Feelgoodmobile. The Feelgoods won. - No idea how Joe's reaction on
losing the bet was, but am quite sure he had a big smile on the face, no matter what he might has shouted at
the point when the Feelgoods van overtook. (He probably shared some beers with Kevin on the ferry later...)




For recent news please visit and


He fought the law, and he won: Student wins in t-shirt Clash (American Civil Liberties Union, 2000)


Joe said ''Bands must be contributing to global warming by their buses, equipment trucks and the diesel used to power the stages. Can you imagine how much CO2 the pressing and the distribution of a CD creates? What shall we do about it?''
Future Forests was ‘discovered’ by the artists community - and it started around Joe Strummer’s campfire at Glastonbury over 5 years ago. Dan Morrell responded with the idea of planting trees to re-absorb this harmful carbon dioxide. Joe then decided that he would have his own forest (in Orbost at the Isle of Skye) planted to offset the emissions from his CDs and became the world's first CarbonNeutral artist. At the Future Forests page you can dedicate your own trees in Joe's forest:

Like Joe said, ''It’s a dynamite idea - I want everyone in the world to get behind it.''

Sunday Herald, 9.Jan. 2003: Strummer fans to build living memorial on Skye ... a forest

Forest growing statistics:.... 04.02.2003 - 766 trees
..............................................25.02.2003 - 1,221 trees
..............................................12.03.2003 - 1,390 trees
..............................................28.03.2003 - 1,640 trees
..............................................30.04.2003 - 1,871 trees
..............................................30.05.2003 - 2,128 trees
..............................................13.06.2003 - 2,242 trees
..............................................08.09.2003 - 2,424 trees

.Joe Strummer.


''When freedom rises from the killing floor
No lock of iron or rivet can restrain the door
And no kind of army can hope to win a war
Like trying to stop the rain or still the lion's roar
Like trying to stop the whirlwind scattering seeds and spores
Like trying to stop the tin cans rapping out jailhouse semaphore...''
(Excerpt from ''48864'', the song Joe wrote for Nelson Mandelas HIV/AIDS festival 2003)

''The way you get a better world is, you don't put up with substandard anything.''
(Interview at Bizarre Festival in Germany, 21th Aug. 1999)

''All the power's in the hands of people rich enough to buy it.''
(''White Riot'' - 1977)

''We're all going to have to learn to live together and develop a greater tolerance
and get rid off whatever our fathers gave us in the way of hatred between nations.''

''Everyone has got to realise you can't hold onto the past if you want any future.
Each second should lead to the next one.''

On political leaders he admires:
''Well, I kind of got off all that because it all seems to be such a power trip. Political people,
to get elected you've got to be on a power trip, and you can't trust anybody on a power trip.
I can't see a way out of this.''

''Lawrence of Arabia always was my hero.
I think it's great to come from England to lead the Arabs.''

''Everything's fucked! It's down to individual people to make life enjoyable.
I don't have anything more to say than that. I think people should avoid the world fucking them up.
People are becoming too uptight, treating their children bad, being negative.''

''I hate it when I go out and I see parents going, 'don’t do that', or 'stop doing that'
when some kid's just hanging off a staircase or something.
There's too much of this, 'don't do that'. The whole thing baffles me.''

''I will always believe in punk-rock, because it's about creating something for yourself.
Part of it was: 'Stop being a sap! Lift your head up and see what is really going on in the political,
social and religious situations, and try and see through all the smoke screens.''
(July 2002)

About the continuing globalization of the world:
''We can at least be optimistic in (that) it forces the renegades and the underground to get it together.
The worse s--t gets, the more interesting the underground becomes. So I'm always quite hopeful.
I believe in human beings. Human beings won't let this happen.
We won't all end up robots working for McGiant Corp or whatever. It can't happen.''
(July 2002)

''You gotta be able to go out there and do it for yourself.
No one's gonna give it to you.''

''I never really bothered to spend too much time thinking about what was done, you know?
'Cause, you put a record out, there's no way you can change it once it's out.''

''It's difficult, when you're involved in a group, to stand all the way back.
It's part of your life. It doesn't seem real that other people know about it.
At the end of the day, it doesn't seem possible, maybe.''

''I'm a very harsh critic of my own work, if you like, because I'm trying to get the standard really high.
So, obviously, it's better to criticize it - you know what I mean?- rather than accept it at face value.''

''To write good songs you have to be somewhere between a genius and a village idiot.''

''People have told me songs I've written have changed their life.
That's remarkable. That keeps your faith.''

''Whether it's jazz or punk or anything else, you have to fight against the purists who
want to narrow the definition. That's what kills music because it stifles it to death.''

''I have a big legacy of The Clash to live up to and I don't intend to uriny on a legend.
I intend to build forward into the next century.
The music has to be by the musicians, and there's too much changing things by the record company.
I got a message for everyone in a record company: We don't care if you lose your job!
You ruin music and I'll get all the smoothers out off the way, the people who smooth the sound off.
Let the musicians have the music the way they want it,
and not the way you think the grandmothers and 3-year olds will gonna buy it.
'Cause this is not about 3-year olds or grandmothers... This is Rock and Roll!''
(Interview at Bizarre Festival in Germany, 21th Aug. 1999, Joe's 47th birthday.)

''There's nothing but bad news in the newspapers to make us live in a constant state of paranoia.
That's what they want because it keeps people in fear.''

''We were brought up to believe that science and engineering were going to make the world
a better place. Now we've got pollution and everything and it seems we've come to a halt.
But I think we've got to retain some faith in believing tomorrow will be better than today.''

''If I had five million pounds I'd start a radio station because something needs to be done.
It would be nice to turn on the radio and hear something that didn't make you feel
like smashing up the kitchen and strangling the cat.''

''I'm strange, actually, you know? I'm kind of like one of those people that picks up
small and interesting bits of wood and doesn't want to let go of them.
Or, you know, I'm fascinated with the wrapper on a sardine can. A little cuckoo.''

''I've got no doubt the fourth dimension exists.
But is it just like the world we're trying to escape from?
I need to know if you're allowed to smoke in there...''

~ Joe Strummer ~



A list of world-wide TRIBUTES & MEMORIALS is available at

~ Already happened... ~

Joe Strummer Tribute in Southend


Mick Jones, Lucinda Strummer and Paul Simonon
''This one is for Joe!'' - Lucinda Strummer holding the Clash's HoF-statue

Mandela SOS 2003Feb. 2, 2003 - HUMAN RIGHTS CONCERT in South Africa
was first said to have been cancelled (due to failure of one of the sponsors). Thanks to Dave Stewart's engegament it now looks the concert will be rescheduled. It is postponed, no confirmed date available at the moment. (Feb. 20, 2003)
Before his unexpected death Joe Strummer had been due to appear at the HIV/Aids Benefit Concert to present a song he co-wrote with Bono from U2 and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics, titled ''48864'' (Nelson Mandela's number in prison). The festival, organised by Mandela, should have taken place on February 2nd, 2003, at Robben Island in South Africa.
Article about the cancellation at
Official Festival WebSite:

In recognition of the importance of this event, Joe's family has asked fans who wish to send tributes to make a donation to the Mandela SOS Concert in memory of The Clash star. Like Joe, this event has a global cause and a global message, so please help if you can. Naturally it also is a good thing to donate one or more trees to the JOE STRUMMER MEMORIAL FOREST, which is steady growing on the Isle of Syke in the UK. If you can, do it like me and plant 4 trees, one for each of the ''Clash's''! It's good for all of us :o)

(Addition Jan. 5, 2004): The concert finally took place in December 2003.

A list of world-wide TRIBUTES & MEMORIALS available at

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What made Joe Strummer & The Clash so special

''Punk was about change - and rule number one was: there are no rules.''
~ Paul Simonon, bassist of The Clash - Rolling Stone Interview 16. April 1981

''As a musician and as a human being it was his ability to express his deepest feelings - anger or grief, sadness or fear - that made him special.''
~ Gavin Martin, music writer, London - 24. Dec. 2002 (Full article at

I think, compared to any other band which was around at that time, The Clash simply topped them all. Not only have they had the courage to start from the scratch (especially thinking on Joe and Paul now, who both didn't know how to play guitar/bass but then quickly outstripped most other 'punk'-musicians in musical competence) - they also took the challenge to melt high-level energy and sincere passion with political and human engagement. This paired with a wide range of interest in music of various styles made them so special and unique. Genuine. The honesty and dedication to what they were doing made them unbeatable. Trustworthy. In opposite to most punk rock bands, The Clash not satisfied angry people's hearts by providing songs with silly but ''nice to sing-along-to'' paroles - The Clash's lyrics touched people's souls with senseful messages. They've made many people think further than just from here to the next wall. This is the important difference, how I believe.
Although it's quite sure The Clash would have never been THIS Clash with a different line-up, the major factor in people's faith must have been Joe Strummer's straight attitude in particular. I suppose The Clash is the only band who never stepped away from their principles, for nothing whatsoever they've been offered. They never became prostitutes of the dollar-guided music-biz. That is not easy. Such bands are rare to find, if there's any others to find at all...

Joe and the Clash guys have accomplished what the majority of people only talks about, while they continue to dream of changes, instead of trying to make things happen. Their massive output of great albums took the ones who followed full speed over the seven seas of music, while other bands still were bobbing up and down in the next pond down the road.
It's just a crying shame, those who have united countless people, somehow lost the connection between themselves. Too much pressure I suppose. Touring is interesting and often really good fun, but not all day long, and surely not for such a long time. Too much discipline and the load of responsibility for too many people takes its toll. Always.

What a relief to know in these days Paul is happy (and successful) doing great paintings, Mick never stopped playing (how wonderful to see the video clips of him and Joe united on stage in Acton in Nov. 2002!!), also Topper returned to music. Deep from my heart I wish them all good luck with anything they do and plan.

If I could tell something to Joe, it would be this:

The world needs more people like you.
People who look - learn - think - decide - and (re)act.
Willing to rebel against stupid rules, to fight for convictions,
powerful but non-violent.
To follow ideals with honesty and no compromise.
To stand behind your principles.

You always inspired others to start to work on changing things they dislike.
In this way you and Paul, Mick and Topper have changed the lifes of a many.
It's a crying shame you guys, friends, mates, drifted away from each other while your hard work and discipline (yeah, I've been on tour several times and know it's far away from being 24hrs partying) made other people unite who didn't even knew each other. Until today the spirit of your music and the Clash personalities keeps people connected, worldwide. The Clash's stage in these days is the internet, the Clash's home are our hearts and minds.

You have said: "I've got no doubt the fourth dimension exists. But is it just like the world we're trying to escape from? I need to know if you're allowed to smoke in there..."
I only can reply: THANK YOU, JOE for giving me the kicks I've needed to face the known three dimensions in the right perspective and to persist on making it through it my way.
Will see you in the 4th (or even in the 5th) dimension sometime later. Just look out for a woman who carries a bass, some books, records, dvds, and a huge box of fags... This will be me, happy to share all the goodies.

I will have a glass of red wine on you now, and put on some of your great tunes. To think on how nice it was to have you had with us for quite a while will make me smile again, and continuing to hope and fight on. Probably now even more than ever before. Your flame keeps on burning in those you have had inspired.

(December 2002)

If someone feels the need for a comment, you are welcome to write a note in my Guest book.

Thanks for the kind words some of you already left there or sent via email !
~ Gabi

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Joe Strummer was born John Graham Mellor on 21st of August 1952, in Ankara, Turkey, the son of a British diplomat and a Scottish-bred mother. Because of the nature of his father's occupation, he spent much of his childhood hopping around the globe from one exotic place to the next - Cyprus, Cairo, Teheran, Mexico, Africa, West Germany. Joe spent his teen-age years in a boarding school in Surrey, England, where he got ''O'' levels in English, History and Art. This led onto a very short stay at London's Central School of Art before Joe headed off to Wales with his then-girlfriend. Whilst there, he played a few gigs with a band called Flaming Youth (later to be called The Vultures, while he was named Woody Mellor) but became tired of Wales and moved back to London.

In 1974 Joe formed a new pub-rock band, the 101ers, named after a house, the squat where the band practiced - 101, Walterton Road, London. For three years in the mid-1970s Joe Strummer and the 101ers were the band who did every squatters' benefit, at least in West London. And they did them all for nothing. With arising Clash fame Joe himself did not take injustice lying down, both the London Squatters Union and the Advisory Service For Squatters (ASS) could always rely on him for money. Once in those days, at what was then the South London Polytechnic,at the Elephant and Castle, the 101ers played a benefit gig for ASS with Carol Grimes. It made the then fabulous sum of £1,000, enough to keep the organisation going for a couple of years.

..After the one and only single recording of the 101ers, Joe quit the band to start The Clash with guitarist Mick Jones and bassist Paul Simonon. The first live gig of The Clash was an opening slot for a Sex Pistols show during the Summer of 1976. The Clash took the raw anger of British punk and worked it into a political and aesthetic agenda. During their impressive run from 1976 to early 1986, The Clash released hit songs (Rock the Casbah), double albums (London Calling), triple albums (Sandinista!), and toured American stadiums with the Who. The Rolling Stone magazine even picked the Clash's ''London Calling'' as the best album of the 80's - ahead of classic recordings by artists such as Bruce Springsteen, U2, Prince and Michael Jackson. Hyped as ''the only band that matters'', the Clash fell apart just as they broke through to a wide American audience. By then, they had shown that punk was no flash in the pan, and had delivered an arsenal of unforgettable rock songs. All in all the Clash have put out sixteen sides of vinyl in five years.
Worth to get mentioned: The Clash had huge record sales, but had signed a deal with their record company that denied them huge profits. They wore this as a badge of pride, claiming it ensured they still kept to their punk ideals.

After the band's breakup (early 1986), Strummer recorded and supervised movie soundtracks (Walker, Sid and Nancy, Permanent Record, Pigs Might Fly, Grosse Point Blank) and starred in a couple of off-beat films (Straight to Hell, Mystery Train, I hired a contract Killer, Docteur Chance, Candy Mountain). In late 1987 he replaced guitarist Phil Chevron on The Pogues' U.S. tour, played relatively successful U.K. and U.S. tours with The Latino Rockabilly War in 1988 and 1989, even did some benefit gigs for left-wing-anarchists ''Class War''.

1989 Joe officially announced his return to music. He released a record in 1990, ''Earthquake Weathe'' and contributed on a Bob Dylan album (Down in the Groove). In 1992 Joe received another call from The Pogues, this time to permanently replace their figurable singer Shane MacGowan. He only held that job for a short time before leaving again. Joe also appeared supported The Levellers and Brian Setzer.

From around 1992-1999 Joe took a surprisingly long break from the entertainment business. Even though him and his Clash bandmates were repeatedly offered buckets of cash to get back together, they stood behind their principles and refused to reunite. In 1998 Joe presented 4 weekly world music programs on The BBC World Service (''Joe Strummer's London Calling''), he also appeared on the South Park soundtrack with the song ''It's A Rocking World''.

Returning to the touring circuit in 1999 Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros made a short world stadium and club tour to promote a new album, ''Rock, Art and The X-Ray Style''. In November 2000 they started to record the follow up, ''Global A-Go Go''. The Mescaleros toured through the U.K. for 3 weeks in November/December to support The Who. At the end of tour The Mescaleros kidnapped Roger Daltrey in a mini-cab and forced him to sing on the title track. ''Global A-Go Go'' was released, it came out as a generous, warm and open-minded celebration of a mulitcultural society, nevertheless Strummer’s lyrics still burn with the political radicalism which once fired The Clash. But they are also full of subversive wit and humour. After the long break in the 90's Joe Strummer released two albums with The Mescaleros in just 18 months!

In 2001 Strummer was back in a big way, having signed with Hellcat Records, an Los Angeles-based indy owned label managed by Rancid's Tim Armstrong. Once again, Strummer professed ignorance about his latest musical turn to a more worldly sound. He said working with this new band has been one of the best experiences of his life, it has provided the rejuvenation he needed after 25 years of married life, fatherhood and ''rocking''.

First time ever London's Royal Opera House has opened its doors for a rock gig on November 10th 2002, when Joe Strummer and his Mescaleros were joined by Bryan Adams and former Queen guitarist Brian May in a fundraiser for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. On November 15th, The Mescaleros' gig at London Acton Town Hall (16th Nov. 2002) featured fellow Clash member Mick Jones, who joined in for 3 Clash classics during the encore. This gig was a benefit for striking firefighters, and financed out of Joe's own pocket. Although Joe and Mick worked together on the 1986's album of Mick's band ''Big Audio Dynamite'', they never played together on stage since 1983. This happend spontaneous and - like expected - any hope on a reunion of the Clash afterwards were straight turned down. Only thing considered as possible would have been a one-night-reunion of the 4 Clash's at the upcoming induction to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (March 10th, 2003). Joe also played a benefit concert his hometown Bridgewater for the town's Engine Room filmmakers' project.
Fresh off their November ''Bringing It All Back Home Tour'' of the U.K., Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros head into the studio to work on the recordings of a third album. The release was planned for Spring 2003. Hopefully Joe was able to finish some material for a cd.

On Sunday, 22nd of December 2002, in the afternoon, after walking his dog, Joe Strummer died in his kitchen at home in Broomfield, Somerset, England. Cause of death was a sudden cardiac arrest.
Joe Strummer is survived by his widow Lucinda, stepdaughter Elize, 10, and his daughters Jazz Domino Holly, 18, and Lola Maybelline, 16, from a previous relationship with Gaby Salter (which ended in 1992).

(Addition on Jan. 3rd, 2003:) I've read at site, the last song Joe performed at his last live show (Liquid Room in Edinburgh) was ''White Riot''. I reckon this leaves nothing to add. - (CORRECTION on Nov. 4th, 2003:) Seems was wrong, as Colin McCann informed me, Joe's last gig was at Liverpool University on the 22nd of November 2002. - Sorry for the mistake, folks. Shame over me.


Probably because being too busy to award any new appearing ''meanstream wonder'' the entertainment / music biz people usually need decades to locate and appreciate the true treasures. Finally they've started to honour The Clash:
In 2000 Joe received Q magazine's inspiration award. The same year (or was it in 2001?) Pennie Smith's stunning cover shot of the ''London Calling'' album - showing Paul Simonon live on stage 'knocking on wood' with his bass guitar - went as the 'The Ultimate Rock Photograph' into the RnR Hall of Fame.

In May 2001 Joe Strummer and his bandmates from The Clash won the Ivor Novello Award from the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters for The Clash's outstanding contribution to British music. It was the first time since 1982 that the original Clash line up - Joe Strummer, Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Nicky ''Topper'' Headon - were together on the same stage.

In 2002 above mentioned photo of ''Simonon wrecks his favourite (and best) bass'' at New York's Palladium in 1979 was voted the 'greatest rock photo ever of all time' in a poll for Q magazine (UK). On June 21st, 2002, presented The Clash as ''The best Punk band of all time'' voted by readers of NME Originals. The Clash pushed expected winners The Sex Pistols into second place, Punk godfathers The Ramones came third. The outcome of the Internet only vote revealed that 29.9% of voters chose The Clash as the greatest punk band ever - the Sex Pistols achieved 23.3% of the vote, the Ramones 14.9%.

On Feb. 13th 2003, reported that The Clash have won the ''Godlike Genius Award'' at this year's NME Carling Awards. The surviving members of the band - Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Topper Headon - were present at Po Na Na in Hammersmith, West London on February 13th, to get their award from Kate Moss and Primal Scream's Bobby Gillespie. The band stated their opposition to the potential conflict in Iraq, and paid tribute to late frontman Joe Strummer. They were given a standing ovation by the crowd.
45th Grammy AwardsOn Feb. 23rd, at the 45th Grammy Awards at the Madison Square Garden in New York, Bruce Springsteen, ''Little Steven'' van Zandt, Elvis Costello, Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters), Pete Thomas (drums, The Attractions) and Tony Kanal (bass, No Doubt) played ''London Calling'' as a special tribute to Joe. No big introduction, only a ''This is for Joe!'' and the band started in front of a huge image from Joe, singing, and Clash video snippets running in the background. A lot of people were standing up during the number, at the end of the song Costello leaned his guitar on the amp creating a mess of feedback which made a bunch of stiffs in the audience holding their ears. Well done, Elvis! - Awarded with a Grammy for 'best long form video' was Don Letts with the Clash's ''Westway to the World'' documentary. Approx 25 Millions of people worldwide watched the ceremony. Both, a video- and soundfile of ''London Calling'' are available in the downloads section at / downloads.php. (Photo of the Grammy Awards courtesy WireImage)
On 10th of March 2003 The Clash, along with The Police, AC/DC, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and the Righteous Brothers - were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in New York's Waldorf Astoria.
September 2003 - The Clash picked up the title at the annual GQ ''Men of the Year'' Awards for Outstanding Achievements (nominated by the readers). See British GQ Magazine (my Netscape crashes always...) direct link to the Awards page:

John Cusack - One famous fan of Joe Strummer & The Clash

Many fans currently discuss about whom shall make the speech for The Clash when they will be inducted to the Roch'n'Roll Hall of Fame in February. To me John Cusack would be first choice. Firstly, because he loves Joe Strummer and The Clash (even has worn t-shirts of them in some of his movies), secondly, Cusack's personality is similar to Joe's in many ways (he's an engaged and emotional thinker and idealist). For the ones, who need a third reason: John and Joe worked together several times.

Until now I couldn't get any info on a statement given by Cusack in relation to Joe's passing, I am sure he's as much shocked about it as countless people. For now I just want to add an excerpt of an interview from 2002:

John Cusack is so familiar - like a cousin or something. Why? Well I grew up with him. No not literally but with his films. He also shares an undying love for Joe Strummer formerly of The Clash. It's like a religion to those who know the guy.

EMILY: You and I share a love of Joe Strummer... do you like The Mescaleros?
JOHN: Yeah, I love the Mescaleros! I saw them play at the House of Blues.
EMILY: Me too! JOHN: Then I saw them at The Troubadour.
EMILY: Me too - I was backstage - I didn't see you.
JOHN: I was there and back at both. You ever see him when he played with the Poges?
EMILY: Flew out for that one baby! JOHN: He's just the best! He's just pure desire.
EMILY: And you sound great when you sing along to him.
JOHN: Yeah! He just wills himself to sing. [laughter]
EMILY: I went on tour with him when I was eighteen - as a friend - not groupie - a friend. It's a long story.
JOHN: With The Mescaleros? [How cute he thinks I'm wicked young...]
EMILY: No, I wasn't clear - The Clash.
JOHN: Cool!
EMILY: Four glorious days... I learned how to order Indian food, they gave me a mohawk and Joe told me I should, "Do something with my honesty and passion" and here I am! He was a huge influence on me.
JOHN: Wow.
(Excerpt of an interview Emily Blunt made with John in 2002. Full interview at

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Screenshot of page at Fender Company Site -

''Joe's greatest legacy is that he made a generation of people think for themselves. He didn't quite manage to change the world, but he changed the way people looked at it. It's a sad day - but what a life."
~ Johnny Green, The Clash's road manager

''Joe was one of the truest guys you could ever meet… If he said 'I am behind you’', then you knew he meant it 100 per cent.''
~ Nick 'Topper' Headon, The Clash's drummer (Full article from Jan. 6th, 2003 at

''The Clash were one of those rare bands who were greater than the sum of their parts, any of their parts were awesome... ...they had no peers. Besides the center of the Clash's hurricane [Topper Headon] stood one of the greatest hearts and deepest souls of 20th century music. At the center of The Clash stood Joe Strummer.''
''When Joe Strummer played, he played as if the world could be changed by a 3-minute song. And he was right! He was a brilliant lyricist with anger and wit, always stood up for the underdog, and his idealism and conviction instilled in me the courage to pick up a guitar, and the courage to try to make a difference with it. Joe Strummer was my greatest inspiration and my favourite singer of all time and my hero.''
''I am grateful to have the tremendous legacy of music of The Clash left behind, 'cause through it Joe Strummer and The Clash will continue to inspire and educate well into the future. In fact, The Clash aren't really gone at all, because whenever a band cares more about its fans than its bank account, the spirit of The Clash is there; whenever a band plays it at every single persons soul in the room as its stake, the spirit of The Clash is there; and whenever a stadium band or a little garage band has the guts to put their beliefs on the line to make a difference, the spirit of The Clash is there.''
''During their hayday they were known as 'the only band that matters', and 25 years later that still seems just about right to me.''
~ (excerpts of) Tom Morello's introduction speech for The Clash at the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame ceremony on April 10th, 2003 (Please accept my excuse for probable mistakes, this was transcribed ''by ear'' from an internet video, as over here in Germany the HOF event was not shown on TV. Corrections are appreciated and welcome!)

''Friendship, brotherhood, family, strength in numbers, protecting each other, fighting the good fight together, against racism against fascism, fighting for liberation - no more than that - embodying liberation itself.
Joe Strummer is gone. Long Live The Clash.''
~ Steven van Zandt aka Little Steven aka Miami Steve - Jan.5th 2003, in his 'Tribute to Joe Strummer & The Clash' at the weekly radio show (check Archived Shows for 5.1.2003 - EPISODE: JOHNNY B. COOL - to listen)

''I think I have known, at least a little, every major rock musician of the last thirty years. Since Joe died I keep thinking that of all of them, he was the closest off stage to what you heard on the records, what you got from the songs. If you knew his music, you knew Joe Strummer. And man, weren't we lucky? Wasn't he the greatest guy to know?I''
Bill Flanagan, (whole article: Joe Strummer - Death and Glory)

''The thing about Strummer was, he walked it like he talked it. He didn't cop out. He didn't show one face to the public and have a different face in himself.''
''It was The Clash that struck the strong political stance that really inspired a lot of people, and within The Clash he
was the political engine of the band.''
~ Billy Bragg (Full article from Jan. 2nd, 2003 - 'The Joe I knew' at

''Numb, gutted & shocked - 3 words that sum up how I feel.
Passionate, principled, genius - 3 words that sum up Joe Strummer.''
~ Martin Scorcese, movie director

''He played as if the world could be changed by a three-minute song, and when I saw the Clash play, my world was changed forever.''
~ Tom Morello, Audioslave

''For my generation, the loss of the Clash frontman is as bad as Lennon or Marley. It's enough to make you go out and get a tattoo.''
''To meet Joe was to meet a man with a teenager's passion and an old blues singer's pain. He had to carry the knowledge that he had created truly great music at a great time and then confined it to history. 'There's no point going forward if you can't maintain your respect', he once told me. Yet the Clash songs never sounded dated, nor did anyone's enthusiasm for them. Only the band avoided revisiting days gone by.''
~ James Brown, The Independent UK (Full article at

''I saw Joe Strummer and his new band, the Mescaleros, at the 9:30 club last year, and it was the best musical performance I had seen in many a moon. And I say that without any phony Clash mania clouding my thinking. Strummer unleashed a solid fury of deep-seeded humanity for almost two hours before calling it the night. Having never seen the man perform live before, I was amazed by his tenacity and his ability to make wildly different musical forms his own. They really drove the point home with Strummer's newest material (Global A-Go Go) which is some of the best music he has ever written as far as I'm concerned. It would have been easy for him to bang out all the old favorites, but he never let the past ever be more than a stepping-stone toward the future. After 10 years of virtual non-existence, he was back with a vengeance with a band worthy of him and he played, as I imagined he always did, as if his life depended on it.
Strummer was my John Lennon who wore his heart on his sleeve proudly without any cheap sentimentality or corporate hype.
Joe Strummer, with The Clash and The Mescaleros, played countless benefit gigs for worthy causes, charged ridiculously low prices for his recordings and shows and he never lost his wide-eyed enthusiasm for the world at large. He was not your typical rock and roll star bloated with the excesses of monetary success. He was Martin Luther King with a guitar fighting the good fight with his last gig being a benefit concert for the families of striking firefighters in England. He was one the greats.''
~ Bopst, Radio host at (message board at Big Audio Dynamite WebSite)

''He was the strongest of men, a real inspirational leader, a guy who never seemed to tire of listening to people and talking to them, learning and teaching all the time. He had true compassion for everyone he met. He was the nicest and also the most fun loving person I've known.''
~ Bob Gruen, Rock'n'Roll photographer (he set up a page for Joe at

'When the NME interviewed him in 1989, he said that it was only right that young firebrands such as the Stone Roses should be afforded all the headlines and that he was happy to make a low-key appearance on page 28 of their paper.''
''He was a lovely bloke, a man of the people, still angry at the world's injustices, but gentle, humble and heroic to the last.''
~ Andrew Perry, Telegraph rock critic - full article at (if the link does not work, go to and search for 'Strummer')

''He wrote intelligent lyrics, the Clash played real instruments and they had something brutally honest and exciting to say. Their records sounded brilliant. Strummer could, of course, have spent the past decade traipsing round the world's stadiums with a reformed Clash making piles of cash. Instead, he chose to perform to fresh audiences in cramped clubs with his new group, the Mescaleros. That's a testament to his devotion to his music. So this Christmas, rock the casbah.''
~ The Independent, UK ('Culture Clash' article)

''Joe is gone physically but spiritually he is as close as the 'play' button on your CD player, the needle on your turntable or the happy memories you have of him.''
~ Roger, fan from Michigan USA

''I can't believe it. Joe was as huge an inspiration to me now as he was in 1977. He combined cool with an uncompromising stance, infused reggae into punk and taught a whole generation of us more about politics than any number of teachers or politicians. I desperately wish news of his death was untrue. Joe - you were the best.''
~ Iggy Pop

''Joe Strummer was a man who wasn't afraid to voice his beliefs. A passionate, vocal, sincere olde punk. The Clash produced a contrast to the nihilism of the Sex Pistols, and educated an audience about the realities of the state. Music has lost one of its true rebels.''
~ Ken Livingston, London Mayor

''The world's greatest frontman has gone. If there was ever a man who deserved to live to be an elder statesman it was Joe. Just thank God he lived and gave us some of the greatest music ever recorded.''
~ Djetson

"He was a generous, funny, intelligent and a great person who will be sorely missed.''
~ Pete Shelley, The Buzzcocks

''Greatness is not measured by sales, but by guts and commitment. The Clash was commited. Thanks Joe.''
~ Hardgroove, Fine Arts Militia (note at message board - look for topics: ''RIP JOE'' and ''The Clash (LIVE!!!)'')

''God Bless him. He brought me many good times, happy moments and adrenalin rushes. London Calling will be the lasting testament to his muse and through that he and the rest of the band shall achieve immortality. One of the finest albums of the Twentieth Century and one of the most influential musicians of his generation.''
~ John Peel, radio host

''Strummer is gone. But the effect he and the rest of the band had on those who heard and saw them will never be forgotten.
After years in the musical shadows he, Mick and Paul really did give us a riot, a riot of our own. Goodbye, Joe.''
~ Chris Nelson, Calgary Sun, Canada

''Yet again it's one of the good guys who's died young.''
~ Glen Matlock, Sex Pistols

''The Clash were a major influence on my own music, they were the best rock n roll band. Thanks Joe!!''
~ Bruce Springsteen

''Joe Strummer - and his partners Mick Jones and Paul Simonon - did more than entertain us. They changed lives. They certainly changed mine. Because they made me believe that, with passion and commitment and a bit of fire in your belly, you could be exactly the person you wanted to be.''
''I think they really made some of the most exciting vital rock music ever made. And certainly made it impossible for me to ever listen to any rock music again.''
~ Tony Parsons, ex-Rock Journalist (NME UK), now novellist (read the very touching article ''Sad to see you go, Joe'' in full at If not accessable straight away please search Parsons previous columns for Dec. 30th, 2002)

''I believed we had to get inside the pop culture. He believed you should always stay outside and hurl things at it. We had endless arguments about it. As we all got older I realized what a nice person he was. He was a very important musician. The Clash will be endlessly influential.''
~ Sir Bob Geldof

''Strummer quit the band [101ers] to start something new with guitarist Mick Jones and bassist Paul Simonon: The Clash. Nothing was ever the same again in England after that.''
~ Barry Egan, Irish Independent Sun. Dec.29, 2003 (full article at

''Yet they always did it their way. For all their supposed posturing (they refused to appear on Top Of The Pops in those pre-video times), they virtually gave their music away: London Calling sold for four quid, Sandinista! for a mere six. - They could have been the biggest band in the world, but settled for being the best loved, as their always incendiary and celebratory live shows proved.''
~ Steve Jelbert - The Independent, UK

''He really is a man of the people, he thrives on chaos and madness, he hates organized, civilized and normality - he really is the ultimate living punk rocker. Music is his delivery van and he will be driving till he croaks. I saw every side of him during 2 years, 100 gigs, 100's of bus journeys/rehearsals/aftershows/bars/planes and quiet one on ones. I shared all that time with the same person. Always. There is no middle ground in Strummerville. Just the one man - just the one face (99% of the time) - the Ace face.
It was a pleasure Sir, a pleasure and a privilage. Whatever happens now, I will always be the geezer who made a Gallager giggle. Rock the Casbah!''
~ from Febr. 2002 - Smiley, "Strummer's drummer" for 2 years (fetched from

''If they had been around 10 years earlier, they would have given the Beatles, the Kinks and the Stones a run for their money. If they had arrived 10 years later, they might have resolved their internal conflicts and stayed the course.'
~ The Edge, U2 guitarist, when saluting The Clash at their induction to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of fame (March 10th, 2003).

''It was that humanity that connected The Clash to their listeners. As they always said, yes, they were a political band, but it was 'personal politics', always in small letters, always about the person. They cared.''
~ James Mann, Ink 19 - December 2002 (full article at

''People 'looked' at other punk bands but they 'listened' to the Clash.''
~ Sara, a fan (from her condolence note at

''The Clash were unique because, here they are, breaking up at the peak of their popularity and having plenty of offers to come back, and not doing it. While other bands always come back for the money, they had a belief in what they were doing, and even though they could have used it, they never really cared about the money.''
~ Johnny Ramone, The Ramones

''The most profound voice of any musician I have ever heard, Joe took his message to the world and the world listened. He managed to influence more than one generation with his innovative and determined manner and I am not alone in repeatedly turning to his thoughts and lyrics when searching for inspiration.''
~ Bono Vox, U2

''If any rock band ever insisted on doing it their way, the Clash takes first-place honors, despite the price their nonconformity exacted. Nonetheless (or as a result), they became enormously popular, even in America, where their Top 20 chart success stands as redemptive proof of an indomitable spirit. The Clash received no small amount of criticism over the years: damned for their integrity (or lack thereof); assailed for absorbing black musical styles; attacked for injecting politics into their songs; blamed for changing; blamed for not changing; ridiculed for having ideals; branded sell-outs, hypocrites, rockists, opportunists and worse. Through it all, the Clash consistently proved equal to the task of confounding everyone that ever followed or dealt with them, offering contradictory and inconsistent statements in classic Bob Dylan obfuscatory oratory and generally failing to act in their own self-interest.''
''The original Clash never made an album that isn't worth owning.''
~ Clash bio at

''The Clash were just about the most important band to ever walk the planet."
~ Pat Gilbert, writer, in the liner notes of 'The Essential Clash' double CD (released March 11th, 2003)

''Without songs like 'Armagideon Time' and albums like 'Sandinista' many ignorant punks and skinheads would never have been exposed to dub, reggae and just 'different' music in general.''
''If you don't own any Clash records you're a fool.''
~ Staff

''Joe and the Clash made music that was emotional and political and challenging and experimental and exciting and wonderful.''
~ Moby

''The Clash were innovative, radical and helped drive a change in music that was ground-breaking. In comparison to some of the music today they sounded like they meant it. I still listen to their music today to remind my self what music made with commitment sounds like.''
~ Chrissie Hynde

''The Clash were the best group in the world, and they would have been bigger than U2 without a doubt. For a long time, they were who we measured ourselves against.''
~ Larry Mullen, U2

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Some of the tributes to Joe Strummer at other bands/musicians websites

''Blimey, Joe too. He really was a diamond geezer, and he always really cared. I don't think he ever really changed. We used to do a lot of gigs together back in '76 when he had the 101ers, mostly at the good old Nashville Rooms. He always used to turn up with a dog on a rope and a plentiful supply of cannibles raisins if I remember correctly, and he always played a blinder. Better make my will sharpish... God Bless ya Joe.''
~ Paul Gray
- Eddie & The Hot Rods, The Damned, UFO, C.I.A., Mischief,...-
(At least one of the 'punk rock circle' has put a personal note onto his website! Paul, old friend, I've known you wouldn't be silent.)

''Along with everyone else, we are absolutely gutted by this news. More than just a musical icon, the world has lost a beautiful human being. Simply heartbreaking is this loss.''
~ Brian Setzer
- even changed the logo at his site for a while, as a tribute to Joe, plus added a wonderful photo of Joe onto the homepage at /

''Just heard from Matt Kent that my old pal Joe Strummer has died of a heart-attack at just 50 years old. That heart of his always worked too hard........ he's been making great music lately, I will really miss him.''
~ Pete Townshend
- (Pete's Diary, Dec.23rd 2002 - 'Christmas Clash')

Additional tributes I have seen at following bands/companies sites:

Big Audio Dynamite / Mick Jones - (domain is closed since end of 2003. No idea if BAD site returns some day.)
The Pogues -
Die Toten Hosen - - they've got a pop-up appearing (javascript enabled browser settings) with a very nice photo of Joe
Rock Against The Machine's Tom Morello -
Stiff Little Fingers' Jake Burns remembers Joe Strummer -
Wreckless Eric -

Hellcat Records (Joe's Record Label) -
Fender - (screenshot of the page at Fender above)

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.The Clash.
Mick Jones - Topper Headon - Joe Strummer - Paul Simonon

Quotes from The Clash about The Clash (all taken from the fantastic Westway to the World DVD, 2001)

''Whatever The Clash was, it was to do with Bernie Rhodes and The Clash.
That's what I always maintained - for better or for worse.''
~ Joe Strummer

''There was a point where punk was like going narrower and narrower, you know, painting themselves into a corner. We thought we could just do any kind of music.''
~ Mick Jones - about the album ''London Calling'' (A milestone in music history I'd like to add.)

''We were open about stuff. Mick Jones bringing in the new sound from New York and stuff and Simo with his reggae thing and me with my rhythms and blues thing and Topper with all his soul chocks, and we could just do that.''
''I can only say I'm proud of it... warts and all, like they say. It's a magnificent thing. And I wouldn't change it, even if I could. And that's after some soul searching.
Just from the fact it was all thrown in one go. It's outrageous. And then release it like that it's doubly outrageous, it's triply outrageous.''
~ Joe Strummer - about the ''Sandinista!'' album.
(A truly extraordinaire/outstanding and brilliant 3-LP album, I secretly call it ''Let The Clash take you on a great musical journey''... By the way, the band wanted to see this album in the stores for the sale price of 1LP. What a wonderful bunch of ''close-to-their-people'' guys they were!)

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Some Links

Joe Strummer - The Joe Strummer Foundation For New Music - Joe Strummer's
Official WebSite - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros' Official WebSite - Joe Strummer WebSite by ''The Web Princess'' - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Record Label, Hell Cat Records - Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros Record Label, Epitaph Records

Joe Strummer Interview Oct. 2001 @ Radio, Wormtown, Massachussets (sound file)
Joe Strummer Interview late 2001 - San Antonio Current,
Joe Strummer Interview 2000 - excerpt of The Big Takeover No.45/46,
Joe Strummer Interview Dec. 1999 - Music Monitor
Joe Strummer Interview @ BBC Radio 2 -, Jonathan Ross show (ram sound stream, see archive) - By the way, they also have broadcast a Joe Strummer Tribute (with Paul Simonon) on Dec. 28th 2002
The 101ers - Joe Strummer 1974-76 - The early days (part of Don J. Whistance's Clash site, see below) - The Joe Strummer Resource - FanSite - Like Trousers Like Brains (Bio & Live Reviews) - FanSite - Joe Strummer 'Know Your Eggs' - FanSite
Joe Strummer @ Rolling Stone Magazine
Joe Strummer @ New Musical Express
A guy named Joe by Emily Blunt,
Mescaleros Interview by Emily Blunt,
Joe Strummer - Canadian News Archive @ Jam! -

''Let Fury Have the Hour'' - The Passionate Politics of Joe Strummer - by Antonino D'Ambrosio, Monthly Review June 2003

MULTIMEDIA... / - Satch's Forums - Live videos: Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros, NYC - April 1-6 2002
Joe Strummer & The Latino Rockabilly War - Edinburgh, Coasters, Aug. 11th 1988 - MP3 files of the show offers 3 wmv-video clips of Joe's last gig at Acton, West London, with Mick Jones as very special guest - Joe Strummer Memorial - WebSite - Tribute to Joe Strummer - Forum
Joe Strummer - Your Tributes @
Joe Strummer Tribute Board @ (New Musical Express)

A hand-picked selection of the countless obituaries and memorial pages for Joe:
(the ones that touched me the most)

A Punk star and Gentleman by Paul Beston, Christian Science Monitor (Jan. 10th, 2003)
The Sounds of an Urban Revolution by Red Saunders (co-founder Rock against Racism), (ca.10.Jan.2003)
Joe Strummer - Death and Glory by Bill Flanagan, (Jan. 3rd, 2003)
The Turtle salutes Joe Strummer by Dave Renton,
Joe Strummer Obituary by Tony Fletcher, (scroll down to Dec. 31st 2002)
Sad to see you go, Joe by Tony Parsons, The Mirror UK (Dec. 30th 2002)
God bless the people's punk by Sean O'Hannan, (Dec. 29th 2002)
Private School Prefect who rocked the Casbah by Desson Howe, The Washington Post (Dec. 25th 2002)
...we're finally on our own by Brian Goslow,, Massachussets/USA (Dec. 25th? 2002)
Uncle Joe by Geoff Notkin, (Dec. 25th? 2003)
Joe Strummer is dead; Long live The Clash! by Gavrin Martin, London, CounterPunch (Dec. 24th 2002)
...eloquent Spokesman for Punk by Chris Salewicz, (Dec. 24th 2002)
Joe Strummer, political voice of Punk by Richard Savill, (Dec. 24th 2002)
Joe Strummer by Alastair McKay, (Dec. 24th 2002)
Joe Strummer by (Dec. 24th 2002)
Culture Clash by Chris Salewicz, (Dec. 24th 2002)
He'll rock the Casbah no more... by James Brown, (Dec. 24th 2002)
Jake Burns remembers Joe Strummer - Official Stiff Little Fingers WebSite (Dec. 24th 2002)
Class War Tour 1987 and other benefits by Ian Bone (Dec. 23th 2002)
There goes my Hero... by Chris Knowles (Dec. 23th 2002) - Includes some excellent cartoons
Joe Strummer: 1952-2002 by James Mann, Ink 19 (Dec. 2002) [Thanks to Orla Smyth for suggesting this link]
Others remember Joe Strummer - Article

Remembering Joe Strummer - - Flash file with photos and comments. (Dec. 23rd, 2002)

Facts and Figures - Joe Jones or what?? (scroll to Jan.2nd) - Media confusion untangled by Tony Fletcher - In all the sadness THIS made me laugh!
15 Reasons Joe Strummer was cool - - Search for ''joe strummer''

The Clash - Satch's Strummernews Forums - FANTASTIC COMMUNITY and SOURCE FOR INFO & CLIPS = - Don J. Whistance's The Clash Site
The Last Gang in Town - Back to the Clash's roots (part of Don J. Whistance's site) - Great Site with photos and wallpapers
The Clash in Sniffin' Glue - A collection of all appearances in the legendary Punk fanzine - The Clash Official WebSite (which does not even mention Joe's death briefly!!!) - I highly recommend to WATCH THE ''Westway'' DVD! If you don't trust me, there's a review at which ends ''...sit back, and take in the thoughts of four amazing people looking back on a wild ride with no regrets.'' - Clash City Rockers - WebSite - The Combative Clash Page, by Zoe O'Brien - Rock the Casbah - WebSite - The White Riot - WebSite
The Clash - F.A.Q. Page - The Clash Newsgroup
The Clash @
The Clash - Canadian News Archive @ Jam! - - The Clash #1 of Shredding Paper's 25 Greatest Punk Albums of All Time Ever!

Mick Jones / Big Audio Dynamite - Official WebSite (Closed since end of 2003. No idea if or when relaunch.) - Forum: ''Football talk for Clash City Rockers''

Paul Simonon - The Crooked Beat - WebSite
Paul Simonon - From Punk to Paint - BBC News Article (Oct. 2002)
Paul Simonon's Paintings - Gallery @ (Oct. 2002)

Topper Headon - WebSite (not really recommendable, but obviously the only ''site'' excisting for him)

Terry Chimes Chiropractic - WebSite


The Clash Bass Tabulatures Archive @
The Clash Guitar & Bass Tabulatures Archive @
The Clash Guitar & Bass Tabulatures Archive @

MULTIMEDIA... / - Satch's Forums (A true treasure box for Clash / Strummer / Mick Jones fans, so many nice people hang around there. God bless Satch and everyone who contributes to the contents. This is the place where I learned the true Clash fans are exactly as the band they do love: GREAT and SPECIAL! - It would be nice sometime to meet up with some of the members from Satch's. Maybe at a Joe / Clash tribute at Joe Strummers Memorial Forest??? Would be fantastic, right?!)

and more... - Search for ''the clash'' - Search for mick jones bad (to avoid the Foreigner guy...) - Search for mick jones dynamite ( '' ) - Search for ''paul simonon'' - Search for ''topper headon''

Sources of on this page compiled info (as far as known and if not stated on this page already): - - - - - - -

TRADERS OF ANYTHING RELATED TO THE CLASH and each Clash member are welcome!
I am working on a list of the material I've got. Currently it's not very much, but - MANY THANKS to
the support from 'related Souls' - the collection is growing. I also want to share and trade with you.

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