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They say a picture is worth a thousand words.
To me, a picture is worth a thousand memories;
for when all is said and done, it is the memories that last with us forever.
Jeffrey A. Goodman (*1971 - Fashion/Advertising Photographer)

Since 1991 I've met people, who more or less play(ed) important roles in my life. Some of them even became kind of family for me. Currently I haven't got photos of all of them, so surely more pics will be added sooner or later. Here's some of the people who - for various reasons - all own a special place in my heart. What I feel for many of them is perfectly said with the words of an old song by Eric Burdon & The Animals which is named

For you, my friend, I do anything
Protect your mind from everything
Loose your blues, make love with you*
Take you under my wing


For you, my hero, I do anything
Paint your picture, anything
   Kiss your photograph, even now I know you'd laugh  
Stand beneath your wing

Oh, anything.

*(In this case please remember: There's few non-sexual but
although wonderful ways to share love with someone.)


The great Gov'ner and me.
Sinkkasten, Frankfurt, Germany - October 1993
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany. Photo taken by Uli Fisseler - No.1 Roadmanager, Germany)
To me this definately is the most precious photo in my collection: The outstanding frontman of the most special British R&B band Dr Feelgood, Lee Brilleaux and me backstage after the last show of his final german tour. When this shot was taken he wasn't aware he had lymphoma. Just 5 and a half months later he died. Seeing him 'going' made me realize how important it is to let people know what you feel and what they mean to you - before it's too late. I am very glad Lee received my personal thanks early enough. Lee Brilleaux was the most special person I've ever met and it was an honour to have 'known' him. My honest and infinite gratitude belongs to him. The great man which he was. Unforgettable...
He stays in the hearts and memories of a many.
Dr Feelgood.

Friends forever!.
The Grand, Leigh-on-Sea, England - May 18, 1995
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)
Dr Feelgood guitarero Steve Walwyn and me at the second Lee Brilleaux Memorial. I love this photo because it makes me feel soooo good whenever I look at it (although it's evident, we've already had a few beers before someone took this photo). Steve and me are true soulmates. He's a great guitarist, too. I can't get enough of his soli, especially in the Down By The Jetty Blues. Kevin Morris, the Feelgoods' drummer, now would add: 'Yeah, yeah, we all know, Steve is your favourite Feelgood!' - Kevin enjoys kidding me because of this fact, obviously he doesn't know I do love him as much as if he would be my big brother. You see, there's no reason to be jealous, Kev ;-)


.My fave guitarist. .Drawing of Gypie (made June 1994).
Dr Feelgood Music Bar, Canvey Island, England - July 4, 1995
(© Copyright Photo and Drawing by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany)

Gypie Mayo and me at the last night of the Dr Feelgood Music Bar. Although the occasion was sad it was nice we have met there. Much later that night I was drunken enough to get the courage to ask him to dance with me (after I danced with manager Chris 'Whitey' Fenwick eeeeeeendlessly). Gypie was the second guitarist in Dr Feelgood's history and till today is one of my absolute favourite musicians. To speak with the words of Eric Burdon (see lyrics on top of this page): 'For you, my hero, I do anything. Paint your picture, anything.' - Well spoken, Eric! The proof is to see above. By the way, Gypie's playing with The Yardbirds now (see further down at this page).

2 Hot Bassplayers!.
Anxiom Center, Cheltenham, England - May 1996
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany. Photo taken by Helmut Lautenschlager, Munich, Germany)
This is Paul Gray and me after an Eddie & The Hot Rods gig. I always was a fan of The Damned and exactly do remember when I've bought their 'Damned but not forgotten' album (around 1985) I was looking at the cover saying to myself 'Wow, this young boy looks damned cute!' - never expecting to meet the 'boy' 11 years later! Strange world this is... He also played in U.F.O., by the way. Although I'll never understand why it's needed to put new strings on the bass every gig, I'm touched of his deep love, understanding and connection to music. He's a multi-talent, in composing as well as in playing various instruments. Another one of those underrated musicians (like Mickey Jupp for example). Don't give it up, Paul - If there's justice left somewhere, it sooner or later has to recognize you! - Addition June 22, 1999: Paul's band Mischief gots a website at now, which was created by Paul himself!
Addition on Dec. 29th 1999: Paul launched an interesting site about his career at


.Me and Den.
Gabi & Dennis Greaves
Star Club, Oberhausen, Germany - Autumn 1996
(© Copyright Photo by Peter Horn, Essen, Germany)

.Me and Gerry.
Gabi & Gerry McAvoy (and a Dr Feelgood photo on the wall!)
Star Club, Oberhausen, Germany - Autumn 1996
(© Copyright Photo by Peter Horn, Essen, Germany)

Old friends from the Feelgood camp and from time to time sharing the bill with them since decades are Nine Below Zero, another incredible band of the British Rhythm & Blues scene. Each of them is a brilliant musician and they all share a good sense of humour, especially singer & guitarist Dennis Greaves, who in the meantime is the only English member left in the band. He's surrounded by the Irish guys Gerry McAvoy (Bass), Brendan O'Neill (Drums) - who were Rory Gallagher's rhythm section for about 15 years - plus harmonica crack Billy "Boy" Miskimmin (Update: In the meantime Mark Feltham returned). They always are a guarantee for a hot show!
To fetch them live keep an eye at the tourdates at the Official Nine Below Zero Website.

Mr. Smiths, Bournemouth, England - May 1997
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)
Pete Gage, Steve Walwyn, Gabi, Kevin Morris and Phil Mitchell
- My (Dr) Feelgood Family -


.Texas meets Germany!.
Gouden Leeuw, Dongen, Holland - May 17, 1998

Kent 'Omar' Dykes from Austin, Texas, and me after an Sunday afternoon show of Omar & The Howlers. First time I've met the Howlers while being on tour in Holland with Dr Feelgood in 1996. One night they've shared the bill in the Lantaarn, Hellendoorn. Before seeing Omar on stage I was very sure there's no need in something else as the Feelgoods music to be satisfied - then Omar's songs straight fetched my heart at first second! They offer a special something, which I haven't known it exists. Pure Texas Blues and -rock, a great guitar by Omar plus his unique voice (you should hear him speak!!). Omar gots my highest respect because most of these songs are written by himself. By the way, Omar & The Howlers got an very high entry in my personal chart of Top 10 Favourite Bands. - They've tought me the real blues feeling on the bass. God bless them!

.Finally met the 'One Man'!.
Capitol, Hannover, Germany - February 17, 1999
(Photo by Udo Stephan, Ildehausen, Germany)

Former Level 42 frontman, and one of the most famous bass players of the planet, Mark King and me in the late night after his gig in my hometown. My red nose is the proof it was very cold that night but being hugged by Mark made me forget the weather. When I've heard he would come on tour I'd wanted to go to a show, of course. I saw Level 42 few times since they first were in Germany as supporting act of The Police in 1981. It's impossible to count the hours I've played bass to their albums. Sting made me starting to play bass while Mark influenced me to keep on to practise.
I've had never expected to get the chance to let him know I was one of his very early german fans, when at the venue someone told me it would be possible to meet Mark after the show. Later, while waiting I've started thinking 'Am I mad, to wait for someone to give me a signature!' - 'Am I 12 years old instead of 35?' - 'If the Feelgoods could see me now, they would start to worry about my state of mind!' and such things... When Mark finally appeared my only thought was 'Please let him be a nice person. I don't want to find out I've had spent a good part of my life with the music of an arrogant snob.' (Are arrogant snobs able to create such wonderful melodies and lyrics??). - How it ended up can be seen at above photo. Mark is a very nice and friendly man with a great sense of humour. Well, that's how he seems to be.
His latest album "One Man" gave me a break from the stuff I usually listen to. Something totally different but very good! The cd gots an excellent sound / mixing quality.


The photo was taken off - until I get a better one!
(Eric and me both looked far too horrible on it!)
Capitol, Hannover, Germany - April 21, 1999
Got my arm around Eric Burdon.
Who could imagine just some weeks later we sang together!
(Hope noone heard us trying to get together the lyrics of "It hurts me too"!)

>>> It took some time, but now I've got 2 photos of Eric and me. See further down below <<<

'He used to be an animal, but he's alright now' Eric Burdon was on package tour with my good friends of Canned Heat (see below). Some time before the show I crashed into him on my way backstage when hurrying up the stairs, looking forward eventually to meet Fito and the boys again. On the half way up a man took the stairs (more slowly as me, of course). When I wanted to overtake him he stopped. With a friendly face he looked at me and said "Hello!". It was Eric. I only could reply a very surprised "Hello" when he straight laid his arm around me. "He must mix me up with someone he knews" was my thought, while enjoying his nice gesture, no question! But it made me so confused, I only was able to mumble some silly stuff about "the sign at the entrance of the club has written your name in smaller letters as Canned Heat's" or something like that (well, ERIC was the headliner of the show). - God, he must have thought I've totally lost my marbles! Nevertheless he asked where the sign was, and who knows, maybe he later had a look at it...
I really was glad he joined the conversation between Fito, me and the other Canned Heat boys in the dressing room. Hopefully it gave him a better picture of me! He seemed to be pleasently surprised when I asked him to sign his biography, which unfortunately is out of print since a long time but (as a fan of auto-biographies) I had bought it when it was released in 1986. Although I never was a fan of Eric or the Animals at the time I always was interested in what and how he's doing. Today I wonder why I never went to see him live and really could kick myself 'somewhere' for that! Not many musicians knock me out off my shoes, but he's one of these. Seeing him on stage that night, listening to his voice and words - I was hooked in the first minute. Believe me or not, in the following 4-5 weeks I've added 33+ Burdon CDs to my record collection as well as have got it managed to get hold of his movie "Comeback" (I love it!) and the "Finally..." video. I'm spending much time to listen and watch these, mainly the stuff Eric produced after he split from the original Animals, but in fact it's the late Official Live Bootlegs 1 and 2 running in my car as well as at home endlessly. F***ing great stuff! Raw and honest, full of dynamic and perfectly presented by a brilliant band and the best Blues singer of the world (my opinion). Sorry if I bore you with all this, it simply is impossible to hide my happyness about not being too late to get the chance to enjoy a Blues legend live and alive. Never again I will miss a Burdon show in my area, that's for sure. I hope and wish he will never stop and always enjoys to sing and travel the world for people like me.
Eric & The Animals straight went from zero into the TOP3 of my TOP10 favourite bands chart!
Please visit my inofficial Eric Burdon homepage or the Official Eric Burdon WebSite.


.Get The Boogie!.
Freilichtbühne, Lübeck, Germany - June 12, 1999
Robert Lucas, Paul Bryant, Greg Kage, me, Fito de la Parra and Harvey Mandel
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany. Photo taken by Skip Taylor, U.S.A.)

The L.A. boogie boys of Canned Heat and me backstage at a Woodstock Memorial Festival. Few years ago we have met the first time, while I was touring with Dr Feelgood who shared the bill at some dates with C.H.. Two or three years later both bands made a package tour through Germany, which I not only remember because of the horrible cold weather and tons of snow, but also for good fun and a great jam session at the final show of the tour in Munich. In between we've met several times at various gigs in Germany and England and always had a good time. Although anyone in the band is a nice person I have to admit there is a kind of special 'bond' between drummer Fito and me as well as with Greg (obviously bass players easily go on well, like to see above a few times). Canned Heat own the third place (as an American band) in my personal TOP 10 favourite bands. I am really looking forward to follow their invitation to go on tour with them in the States as soon as possible! It is an honour Fito asked me to do the translation for the C.H. biography (for a german edition) - also I've re-designed the Official Canned Heat Website (My Canned Heat WebSite) which at August 3rd 1999 at least joined 'Gabi's Music Club' with its special bands of special people!

.Texas Boys.
Lagerhalle, Osnabrück, Germany - June 29, 1999
Kent "Omar" Dykes, me, Paul Junior and Rich Chilleri

There is not much to add about Omar & The Howlers what wasn't mentioned already (see above meeting with Omar). It's always a pleasure to be with them, no matter if they are on or off stage. By the way, Omar & The Howlers are the most disciplined band I've ever met, seems they never get drunk or do party all night long like many others do - this doesn't mean they are boring! You've got fun and really do live healthy when being on tour with them, believe me. A very nice bunch of people, big boss Omar with the "deep-from-the-ground-coming" voice, Paul, who will always be someone special for me (Thank you forever for selling me your wonderful 66's Precision bass, I will always love you for that) and new Howler Rich, who is a funny easy-going guy and definately looks much better as Jim Carey! (private joke)
Check out the Official Omar & The Howles Website for more info and photos.


.Feelin' Good.
Oosterhout, The Netherlands - September 5, 1999
Again: My beloved Feelgoods and me...
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)

This time with brand new Feelgood frontman Robert Kane (the smiling one at the left), manager Chris Fenwick (2nd from left), happy me being hugged by Steve, Kevin and Phil (who already holds the car-key in hand, ready to head off back home to England).


AN ENCORE... Canned Heat
Logo, Hamburg, Germany - April 14, 2000
(© Copyright all Photos by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)

.Fito and Gabi.
Fito de la Parra was proud to finally see me wearing a Canned Heat t-shirt...

.with Stan Behrens.
With multi instrumentalist Stan Behrens (he also is an living archive of silly noises!)

.Greg Kage and Gabi Schwanke.
Another ''2 Bassplayers shot'': Greg Kage and me

Line up changes are pretty normal in the Canned Heat, nevertheless this time - after having been a bit scared about what to expect - I was very pleased about the changes. Yes, I do miss (Robert) Lucas, who absolutely was a great man on front and a nice guy off stage, same as I've missed James (Thornbury) years ago. Also I still enjoy hearing Junior Watson's guitar on CDs, and Harvey (Mandel) is a fine guitarist, but - I think - his style does not really fit into a shuffle boogie band, while Larry Taylor unfortunately prefers to play guitar instead of doing what he's really great in, to play bass...

I honestly can say the actual line up definately is the best Canned Heat I've ever seen! A bunch of very nice guys and great musicians. Again a "Bear" on front, the always hungry Dallas Hodge, with a big voice and big heart, a great guitarist and true friend too - he's forming a perfect union with guitarist John Paulus who plays wonderfully, with much heart and soul. "Cream on the cake" Stanley Behrens plays harmonica, sax, flute and sings a few tracks, too. He is a funny and lovely guy! The brilliant rhythm section Fito and Greg doesn't need any comments, they've already got a place in my heart forever. I've enjoyed each second with the Canned Heat boys on and off stage. It was good fun and great to be on the road with my "2nd Family" - Can't wait to see all of you again! It's hard to stand we live such far away from each other - Hey, I miss you sooo badly!

.Fetched by the rockin' rodents!.
Blues Garage, Hannover-Isernhagen, Germany - July 23, 2000
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany. Photo taken by Henry, Isernhagen, Germany)
Barry ''Slim'' Martin, Andy ''Zza Zza'' Billups, Gabi and ''Rev. Otis''

Eventually side by side with the good friends of "my" Feelgoods: UK's No. 1 rocking rodents The Hamsters and me after a show at the Blues Garage near my hometown Hannover. It was around 2:30 in the morning, that's why all of us look a bit tired. Club owner Henry's first try with a digital camera didn't help to make us look better... Anyway, I only can say, there must be 'something special in Essex's water'. Why else are the most talented, unique musicians (and very kind and friendly guys with a great sense of humour) coming from good ol' Southend area / East England?! In the Hamsters' case exactly the right three guys have found together to form the perfect band, I'd like to say. Each of them is an expert on what he's doing, plus Barry has got the gift of not only being a master on the guitar and its pedals :o) but also to own a wonderful voice - a combination which rarely is to find in the music scene in such a perfection.
I've never seen another band which drinks water only (there really is no alcohol, cigarettes or any other drugs involved) but always delivers such high impressive, dynamic and fetching shows like the Hamsters do. No matter if they play Hedrix, ZZ Top or their (excellent) own songs. If you enjoy being carried through all facettes of the Blues - from rockin' to slow - I highly recommend never to miss a Hamsters' show! (No, I don't get payed for saying so, it's just my honest opinion.)
Check out the Official Hamsters Website for tourdates and additional info.


Gabi's flat, Hannover, Germany - October 26, 2000
What's better than wearing the shirt of my No.1 singer while being hugged by No.2a?
(No.2b is The Inmates' Bill Hurley)
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)

These are the first photos on this page which haven't been taken in relation to a gig. As a special guest in Hannover I've had the pleasure to welcome the great and truly loveable Mike Sanchez for a few days in my Feelgood museum. We've shared endless computer sessions, (offline)chats and daily (indiscribable) generous dinners in various restaurants. Reason enough to take some photos before our excessive lifestyle leaves its traces... I'm looking forward to an encore :o)
Check out Mike's Official Website for tourdates, wonderful photo galleries and lots of other entertaining stuff; for additional info visit my Mike Sanchez WebSite.


.Warren Kennedy and Gabi Schwanke.
8th Lee Brilleaux Memorial, Oysterfleet Hotel, Canvey Island/UK - May 10, 2001
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)

Warren Kennedy is the younger brother of Dean (long-term tourmanager of Dr Feelgood) has played guitar in Eddie & The Hot Rods few years ago and also in the legendary Canvey Island Allstars. In these days he's the tourmanager of various bands (Divine Comedy, Jamiroquai, etc...)

.Big Figure, Gabi and Wilko.
John "Big Figure" Martin, Gabi, Wilko Johnson
8th Lee Brilleaux Memorial, Oysterfleet Hotel, Canvey Island/UK - May 10, 2001
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)

It was an honour these two ''Dr Feelgood Originals'' took me in the middle. I was (and still am) very pleased about it! Big Figure still gots his ''Brahms'' hairstyle, but actually the best (fashion-related) statement I've seen for years was Wilko Johnson wearing a Dr Feelgood t-shirt!! - My definite No.1 favourite shot of that night!

.Robert Kane and Gabi.
8th Lee Brilleaux Memorial, Oysterfleet Hotel, Canvey Island/UK - May 10, 2001
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)

Miming a ''happy couple'' with Dr Feelgood frontman Robert Kane at the sofa outside of room No.9 (naah, not the cell block! ;-)), which was used as the dressing room for the bands who played at the Lee Memorial. Robert definately is the perfect partner for doing such kind of ''fun-shots'' as he's always ready and willing to do silly things. A great guy! Makes me really laugh again when seeing this photo... The cup on the floor adds something special to the whole thing, how I think.


.The Feelgood who became a Yardbird.
Blues Garage, Hannover-Isernhagen, Germany - September 8, 2001
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)

Due to touring somewhere else whenever they crashed into Germany I have missed Gypie Mayo anytime he played with The Yardbirds in my hometown. Finally I could make it and was very glad about it (why does happiness always make me look horrible??).
...and A PREMIÈRE:
At late night, The Yardbirds and an ''old new fan'' after the final show of the german tour, outside of the venue (bad weather, by the way. Summer's obviously over...). How good to see Gyp continues to play with a bunch of really nice guys! It was an enjoyable show (even my mom was moving to the beat) and special experience to hear some music from my early childhood, played with such dedication and passion by two original Yardbirds who successfully added some fresh blood into the band. I'm angry on myself now to let have slip the chances to see The(se) Yardbirds earlier... Can't await to see and hear them again as quick as possible and then hopefully for more than just one gig!! (Hurry up with the album, boys!)
A gallery of photos plus some mp3 video clips of the show currently are available at

.The Yardbirds.
Blues Garage, Hannover-Isernhagen, Germany - September 8, 2001
Gypie Mayo, Chris Dreja, John Idan,
Alan Glen, James/Jim McCarty, Gabi
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany.)


.Eric Burdon. .Eric Burdon.
Capitol, Hannover, Germany - April 24, 2002
(© Copyright Photos by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany. Shots taken by Udo Stephan, Ildeshausen, Germany.)

It was a true pleasure to meet Eric Burdon again and hook up in some very interesting chats about war and other stuff (this man is a walking war history knowledge base). We hadn't seen each other for a long time due to contrary travelling routes. In Nov./Dec. 2000 he arrived in Europe exactly the same day when I was leaving Germany to visit our friend Fito from Canned Heat in California for 6 weeks. Eric returned to CA right when I took off from L.A. to go back to Hannover. Was a really bad timing...
Would be nice next time to get the chance to see him and the New Animals playing in America. Fingers crossed :o)


.Trio of Bassplayers.
9th Lee Brilleaux Memorial, Oysterfleet Hotel, Canvey Island/UK - May 10, 2002
(© Copyright Photo by Mark Fielder, London, England.)

Meeting up with the first bassist of Dr Feelgood, John B. ''Sparko'' Sparks (right) and the current one, Phil Mitchell (left) at the 9th Lee Brilleaux Memorial which was held on the day, where Lee would have had his 50th birthday. The third bass man of the Feelgoods history, Dave Bronze, was also there but probably was on stage when this photo was taken. It was a great night and many friends and fans from all over the globe attended the show to see various musicians join in for a jam with Dr Feelgood. Unfortunately we missed taking a shot of John ''Johnny Guitar'' Crippen (who was the 3rd guitarist in the line-up) and me, who especially came from Florida/U.S.A. for this event.

.Me an my fave psychatist.
Capitol, Hannover, Germany - September 28, 2002
(© Copyright Photo by Gabi Schwanke, Hannover, Germany. Shot taken by Udo Stephan, Ildeshausen, Germany.)

Meeting 'my psychatrist' again after more than 20 years!! John Watts - Fischer-Z mastermind and also brilliant solo artist - might have ''lost'' his hair in the meantime but still gots the same wit and intelligence which I always admired on him so much. Can you imagine my surpise when I told him we've spoken to each other the first (and last) time around 1979/80, and he could exactly name the club the've played! I met John, bass player Dave Graham, Steve Skolnik and Bern Newman [?] the day after the show in the hotel. This by the way was the first time I've ever met a band I like. God, was I nervous. If someone would have told me how my life would go on in this way I surely wouldn't have believed. It's just a pity, although I continued to listen to Fischer-Z stuff as well as to John's other projects (The Cry, John Watts Band) I never again saw him playing live. Took me over 2 decades to go to another of his shows. Life's strange sometimes, isn't it!?! - Ah, almost missed to tell you: When I visited John's website ( - I believe) there was a kind of poem written by him. To my very surprisement he mentioned Wilko Johnson, the first guitarist of Dr Feelgood. Of course I asked John about this and he said in the early days Fischer-Z and the Feelgoods played at various gigs together. IT'S A SMALL WORLD.


.Vintage Feelgoods.
10th Lee Brilleaux Memorial, Oysterfleet Hotel, Canvey Island/UK - May 9, 2003
(© Copyright all 3 Photos by Mark Fielder, London, England.)
Making some ''vintage'' Feelgoods smile in union is one of my favourite jobs! Here's the original drummer,
The Big Figure (the Brahm's look-alike behind me), Dr Feelgood's 2nd lead guitarist Gypie Mayo and (right)
original bass player Sparko. - Funny coincidence: The zips of my shirt match the colors of their shirts (as if
I would have known it!!). Aaah, the good old days... Long gone but not forgotten & somehow still with us.


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