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Wilko Johnson


The many Wilko fans may have a view at my WILKO JOHNSON Special Pages, including a Gig Guide, photos, snippets of newsletters, a discography and other info. There also is a link to his official website.


Big Figure, 1st Lee Brilleaux Memorial 1994He was on stage at all the Lee Brilleaux Memorials until 1998. By the way, he broke the record of onstant-drum-playing with many different line-ups at the first Memorial, May 10th 1994 (see photo)! Since 1994 he sometimes played with Sparko, Gypie and singer Gary Miller as THE PRACTICE performing the early Feelgood-songs. The same line-up with Bill Hurley - singer of The Inmates - played as THE LONE SHARKS. No need to mention how brilliant they were... Figure plays the drums in a kind of a Blues Brothers tribute band, THE BROTHERS GRIMM, bringing much fun on stage, again with Gary Miller and Steve West (Harmonica) which both have been on stage at various Lee Brilleaux Memorials. Also Figure is to hear on albums and sometimes plays live with the Southend born genius songwriter MICKEY JUPP. I saw Big Figure and Gypie performing Shadows songs as THE 6 O'CLOCK SHADOWS in the Dr Feelgood Music Bar. It inspired myself to switch sometimes from my beloved bass to the guitar trying to play like Hank Marvin. I have to admit I am not 0,1% as good on it as Gypie is! Figure thinks on maybe moving to France and learns to speak the french language since a while.

Update May 3, 2002:
Big Figure has finally fulfilled his dream and moved to France with his wife Rose. He is expected to come over to Canvey to play at the 9th Lee Brilleaux Memorial on May 10th 2002.
Update May 2002:
Due to family affairs Figure unfortunately could not make it to the 9th Lee Memorial.


Around 1993 big Thailand fan Sparko played with Pete Zaer and Bob Clouter in THE LOUD SHIRTS. Later he was in THE LONE SHARKS with Gypie, Big Figure and Inmates frontman Bill Hurley. He also played in THE PRACTICE with Gypie, Big Figure and Gary Miller from the BROTHERS GRIMM. They haven't played many gigs so - as a father of 4 lovely children - Sparko has to earn a living in a proper job, not just gigging around... Nevertheless he always hit the stage at the first five Lee Brilleaux Memorials! Unfortunately since 1997 he has rheumatism in his hands and can not play any longer. Fingers crossed, he will be able to switch back again to the 4 strings some day!

Update May 2002:
Sparko appeared for several songs on stage at the 9th Lee Brilleaux Memorial on May 10th 2002 and was playing the bass as well as usual. It was like a switch back into the old Feelgood days :o)
Update January 2004:
Sparko played at the 10th Lee Memorial, and also hit the stage at the Dr Feelgood New Years Eve party at the Oysterfleet Hotel on December 31st, 2003.


The Practice, Promo



The same line-up minus Gary plus Bill Hurley, frontman of The Inmates, played as The Lone Sharks for a while, mainly performing Feelgood tunes, of course.

Rumours say, Gary Miller has disappeared to an island in Spain (?), around the milenium change (1999/2000).

Gypie in the studio


Gypie seems to be the most "stage-productive" and many-sided musician of all the ex-Feelgood members. Around 1982 he played in THE COBRAS with blues harpist Lawrence "Laurie" Garman, also in the mid/late-90's they spent some time together in THE YARDBIRDS (Laurie was replaced then by ex-Nine Below Zero man Alan Glen). Gypie usually enjoys jamming on stage (not just) at the Lee Brilleaux Memorials, was there with THE LONE SHARKS and plays in a reggae band called ELVIS DaCOSTA AND HIS IMPOSTERS. Paying tribute to his hero Hank Marvin in THE 6 O'CLOCK SHADOWS (covering Shadows songs in a perfect style, with Big Figure on drums), he played in THE PRACTICE and now is member of THE YARDBIRDS. I don't know where else he plugs in his Stratocaster... He played and wrote songs for the "Two Greens Make A Blues" album of the Green brothers, Peter and Mick. Also Gypie joined in for solo projects of Inmates singer Bill Hurley, highly recommended if you want to listen to one of the worlds best singers. What I really love on Gypie is his love to what he's doing. He's so much into it when he plays - whatever it may be. It seems he loves to listen to the "words" of his guitar - not aware it's HIM who makes it "sing". In my eyes Gypie is a real guitar genius - without the manners of well-known "guitar heros" you can watch on the telly. That makes him such a likeable chap.

In the mid-90's Gypie followed the steps of guitar gods Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck. He joined the legendary Yardbirds. and now is on tour and in studios with original members Jim McCarty (drums) and Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar) plus - first American in the Yardbirds - John Idan (vocals & bass) from Detroit and Alan Glen (harmonica & percussion) who was in Nine Below Zero and also appeared on Dr Feelgood studio albums.

Update May 3, 2002:
In the meantime a live cd was released - Yardbirds Reunion. Also I took the chance to see the band live in my hometown Hannover (Germany) on September 8th 2001. They were great, on and off stage, and I am looking forward to see/hear them again hopefully soon and more often! A studio album is in production since 2001, recorded in Los Angeles, California. The Yardbirds have toured the UK from Feb. 14th to April 10th 2002, together with the Spencer Davis Group and The Troggs. Currently they are gigging in California and Nevada, U.S.A. (27.April - 17.May 2002), I suppose they also will do some finishing works on the upcoming cd. A bunch of really busy guys!!
Update October 16, 2002:
In October 2002 the Yardies and me met again several times and had a really good time. It made me decide to create an online gallery of my photos and video clips of the boys, move my Gypie related stuff from the "Feelgood News&Gossip" page there too (named "Gabi's Gypie & The Yardbirds Diary"), added some bits of info about the band members and a link collection. The long awaited studio album shall be out in Spring 2003, it will be the first studio album by The Yardbirds since 30 years(!!). Keep an eye at my special page for Gypie - The Yardbird(s) for news.

Update January 6, 2005:
Gypie has left The Yardbirds to concentrate on own projects.

Update September 2006:
Gypie Mayo sent some CDs from himself (home recordings of some really good and interesting classical, medival and blues guitar tunes), a CD from 'Zenga!', where he contributed his skills to in 2005, and a CD from his son Luke, who is guitarist of the band 'Emily Breeze & The Dobermen' (
www.emilybreeze.com*). Harmonica crack Alan Glen (known from his times with Nine Below Zero, The Yardbirds, and the recordings with Dr Feelgood) posted the new Barcodes CD, featuring Gypie on one track (www.thebarcodes.co.uk*), plus a CD from his other band, The Blues Puppies. Both CDs are released by Note Records (www.note-music.co.uk*).

Zenga!Zenga!Emily BreezeEmily Breeze
Gypie on Zenga!: Front cover (500x498px) / Back cover (500x497px) --- Luke Cawthra: Front cover (500x502px) / Back cover (500x495px)

The Barcodes feat. Gypie: Front cover (500x497px) / Back cover (500x438px) / Booklet part 1 (500x499px) / Booklet part 2 (500x505px)



Few years Johnny was the manager of the Hard Rock Cafe in London (I wonder if he sometimes played the old COUNT BISHOPS records while people were munching cheeseburgers...). He was on stage at the first Lee Brilleaux Memorial Concert in the Dr Feelgood Music Bar on Canvey Island at 10th of May 1994, also played guitar on the solo albums of Inmates singer Bill Hurley. Now John Crippen has returned to The Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, U.S.A. - Bye bye, Johnny... Will you return for a jam one day?

Update May 3, 2002:
Johnny still lives in Orlando, FL. with his wife and two boys, but has changed job, being a financial consultant now. He also has a local band called Midlife Crisis. On May 10th 2002 John returned to England to play at the 9th Lee Brilleaux Memorial.

Update April 2, 2006:
External link to Johnny's current band ''Midlife Crisis'' in Orlando, Florida: www.midlifecrisisorlando.com



Gordon Russell1981 he had the first professional engagement with GENO WASHINGTON. They made the album "Put out the Cat" (now deleted). While playing with Geno, Gordon went for an Dr Feelgood audition but lost out to Johnny Guitar. Finally he was asked to join the band in January 1983. The first concert was in Monte Carlo with Big Figure on drums. Gordon made four albums with Dr Feelgood: Doctors Orders, Mad Man Blues, Brilleaux and Classic. By the way, Gordon was the one who suggested to cover the song "Mad Man Blues" which till today is a great crowd pleaser. Since leaving Dr Feelgood he lived in Paris, France and started off by doing studio work and backing French and American singers on stage. In 1984 he played some gigs with EDDIE & THE HOT RODS, then decided to concentrate on his duo TWO TIMERS which consists of Gordon and his fabulous partner Sarah James.

The first Two Timers album was released in April 1996 (Mediat MDCD 320). They went to New Zealand for a two month tour, also have toured all over France playing clubs, festivals etc. In the meantime they also started to play in Belgium, Switzerland, Italy. The making of a second album is in planning. At the Lee Brilleaux Memorial in May 1997 the TWO TIMERS made the venue shaking! Believe me or not, I never saw such a powerful duo before! At the end of 1997 Gordon and Sarah moved back to England and started gigging there. Sometimes they play the opening act for Dr Feelgood, also Gordon is a welcome ''stand-in'' guitarist for the Feelgoods at the rare occasions when Steve Walwyn is not available.

Visit the TWO TIMERS Official Website for tourdates and more info!


Craig RhindCraig played Bass on tour with Dr Feelgood 1991, replacing Dave Bronze for a while. Unfortunately he is not on any of their records. Together with Steve Walwyn he was in the DTs / Steve Marriott Band. He plays in THE GBs, a local band from the Lester area, Steve joins in whenever he is not on the road with the Feelgoods. Also Craig got his own band THE RAZORS. 1997 saw Craig and Steve as the STEVE WALWYN BAND gigging in Spain.

UPDATE Dec. 29, 2005:
Email from Craig, Dec. 20, 2005: ''I'm still at it and doing plenty of gigging; after I finished working with Lee, Steve and Kevin I met up with with former DTs/Steve Marriott Drummer, Chas and we formed The Razors with Leicester Guitarist/singer Howard Smith. (Still continuing to do the odd gig and tour with Steve). We had a good 5 years then split and I went on to join-up with Honeyboy Hickling for a while.
I then, about 2000, joined The Bluetits with, Chas and 18 year old Oliver Darling (look out for Ollie - he is without doubt the most naturally gifted guitarist I have ever played with, currently playing in The Mike Sanchez Band). So Oliver Darling and The Bluetits did some gigs and some recording over the next few years 'til Ollie got the job with Mike earlier this year.
Over this past summer [2005] and to date I've been playing with a great soul/blues band called Streetwise. Small world - Streetwise sax player is a guy called Johnny Pugh from Southend (who as it turns out knew Lee, Kev, Phil as well as all the rest of the old Southend scene, played in the Mickey Jupp band etc). Also at the same time and over the last couple of years we've been doing the occasional gig with Howard and The Razors and more recently . . . we've been in the studio and are about half-way through recording our new cd. We're going in again for another week after Xmas so it should be out some time soon maybe February. Then we're looking at getting some tours together towards summer and next year.
Check out
www.howardsmith.co.uk/razors.htm and www.johnnypugh.com''



Dave BronzeWorkaholic Dave played with the ART OF NOISE, ROBIN TROWER (1980s), NO STILETTO SHOES (198791), BE SHARP (1990); Procol Harum (199193); THE HAMSTERS (1992?), MICKEY JUPP, ELVIS DaCOSTA AND HIS IMPOSTERS, and many others... He was in Dr Feelgood from 1987 to 1992. After leaving Dr Feelgood he played bass for three years in the ERIC CLAPTON Band. Dave also worked and toured with PAUL CARRACK, the band was opening on the Sting UK-Tour 1997, having already toured Europe with Sting earlier in 1996. Dave is a really good songwriter (just lend your ears to his songs of the On The Road Again album) and producer (f.e. Dr Feelgood, Bryan Ferry,...). There is to add assorted session work, most notably with BRYAN FERRY for the soundtrack of the John Travolta film Phenomenon. Dave also plays a couple of tracks on the album of GARY BARLOW (of Take That) and is recording and touring with ROBIN TROWER. All this is the proof Dave is a man with many musicial talents - plus he is a nice, friendly person with a great sense of humour (the photo above did not show how he really is...). If you listen to the very end of the On The Road cd you can get an imagination of what all can happen when working with Dave!

Feb.23, 1998: The BronzeMan himself adds some news:

"A few updates about me: As you know I have been working with Paul Carrack, and recently have been doing some gigs with Belinda Carlisle. I also have been recording with Eric Bibb, who is a really cool folk blues singer and guitar player, and have played on Eric Clapton's new album. So I'm still pretty busy."

Update Jan. 17, 1999:
Like Dave already has mentioned, he currently works with Eric Bibb (www.ericbibb.com), who will be touring as support of Eric Burdon and Canned Heat in Germany in April / May 1999.

Dave, Liveshot

(Photo: Linda Clare - Fetched at PROCUL HARUM Website)

US magazine BASS PLAYER Issue Sept/Oct 1994 included a Dave Bronze report. - Bass Notes, p. 12. "Dave Bronze: E.C.'s New Bass Man" By Tony Bacon - If someone gots it I would be very pleased to get a (photo)copy! Please send mail.



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