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For latest news please visit the Announcement & News page. I believe it's better to have one page to keep you up-to-date instead of splitting the info in two. Of course this page will stay available for your entertainment. Enjoy reading through the - now old - news from October 1997 to October 2001! - Gabi (Oct.16, 2002)

Early September I finally took the chance to see ex-Feelgood guitarist Gypie playing live with The Yardbirds and straight had to revise the negative opinion I had in January 12, 1998. This time the band appeared perfectly balanced, it was truly great and good fun to see the remaining original members Jim McCarthy (drums) and Chris Dreja (guitar) teaming up with Gypie, Alan Glenn (well known as harmonica virtuoso of Nine Below Zero) and the only American ever who joined The Yardbirds, John ''Detroit'' Idan (vocals and bass). Longterm hardcore Yardbirds fans may disagree, but I call this line-up brilliant. They play the good old 60's Beat'n'Blues with a huge lot of freshness and - due to the variety (and good choice) of its members - this bunch successfully will transfer songs from 1963 to 2003 in a fetching manner for both, old and young listeners. It was obvious these guys enjoy what they're doing, the whole show was a pleasure for eyes and ears. I'm left with the wish to see them again hopefully soon, and the upcoming album will be available as quick as possible!
Currently I am trying to get hold of the ''Yardbirds Reunion'' and ''Jim McCarthy Band'' cd's, also there shall be a video from a show at the ''Big Mamas'' in Rome, Italy, available somewhere. If someone is able to help in this way (I would buy copies or originals of the cd's or video) I would be very happy! Please send e-mail to Gabi.

APRIL 24 2001 - THIS & THAT...
A quick browse through various things which happen (have happened in the passed year) at the Feelgoods camp:
1.) Like usual the upcoming Lee Memorial was sold out in quite a short time, also the schedule is fixed in the meantime (check out the Lee Brilleaux Memorials page for details). The lucky owners of a ticket can look forward to a "great night out", the ones who can get it managed to get up very early the morning after the memorial are invited to join in for the "Canvey Walk" which will lead to various Dr Feelgood historical relevant places.
2.) Planned for May 2001 were the recordings of a follow-up to the "Chess Masters" album. Due to the Feelgoods' packed itinerary the recordings are rescheduled to the end of the year. This also means the dead-line of the running competition could be changed to a later date. Don't miss the chance to win some Dr Feelgood memorabilia!
3.) The Naughty Rhythms Tour 2000 seems to become a regular thing: In November and December 2001 Dr Feelgood again will bring some naughty rhythms to the UK, also John Otway will be there for another lot of madness & fun, plus The Kursaal Flyers from Southend and - from sunny L.A. California - the Woodstoock Boogie legends Canned Heat (Official WebSites at www.drfeelgood.de/c_heat and www.cannedheatmusic.com).

The British Pubrock scene has lost their 'intellectual clown', the great Ian Dury, who lost his fight against cancer on Monday, March 27th. Anyone wishing to sign the Book of Condolence can do so at www.iandury.co.uk. A very large Ian Dury fan site is to find at www.blockheads.co.uk.
 Ian Dury

Unfortunately there's more sad news: Heinz, the ex-Tornado's bass player - who in the early 70ies was backed as singer by the Feelgoods - had passed away (Motor-Neurone Desease) at the weekend of April 8th/9th.

A: Yesterday the final mixing work was made, the cover art already is done (sorry for the quality of the scan, it's made from a photocopy), all used tracks are confirmed now (trivia: "Hoochie Goochie Man" was taken out of the tracklist) and finally we all get to know the title of the upcoming brandnew studio album of the Feelgoods: "Chess Masters". It's Dr Feelgood's interpretation of the Chess catalogue and includes covers from the Greats of the legendary US Records label, such as Howlin' Wolf, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Sonny Boy Williamson, and many more. Again this album was recorded at Mushroom Studios in Hullbridge, Essex/UK and was produced by Dr Feelgood and their former bass player Dave Bronze (well known from his work with Eric Clapton and Paul Carrack etc), who also has done the mixing. Release date: May 8th 2000. A mini-tour in May is planned to coincide with the EMI release in the UK.
B: Being a good friend of the Feelgoods since the early days, a Southender, the Kursaal Flyers drummer and writer for Mojo Magazine surely is more than enough to be the perfect man to type down the history of the Canvey Pub Rock scene: Will Birch eventually has released his book "No Sleep Till Canvey Island". Of course it features Dr Feelgood throughout. I'll try to get a copy as quick as possible to be able to give you additional information.

to our friends The Hamsters who 1999 have been voted the UK's best Blues-Rock band by the readers of Blueprint Magazine!

During September Kevin, Steve, Phil and Robert have recorded 18 tracks. Finishing works will be done in November to then pass on the 14 best songs to EMI. The new album shall be released in Spring 2000.

Good old friend (and producer) of the Feelgoods, drummer of the legendary Kursaal Flyers from Southend, writer for Mojo Magazine, well, in fact a someone who really knows how it went and still goes on musicwise in and around the Thames delta - Will Birch is writing a book about it. At least someone gots the nerve to put together facts and trivia about our heros from Oil City. I am really looking forward to get a copy! Kevin told me the shall be out around April 2000 (if I remember right) - Will keep you informed.

Finally the Feelgoods will be in the studio to record an exciting new album which will be put out by EMI Records. This will be no "ordinary" album but a very interesting R'n'B / Blues project.


Robert Kane, formerly of The Animals II, replaces Pete Gage as frontman of Dr Feelgood. Visit the Announcements page for additional info.

now available at Grand Records. Visit Memorials page for detailed info.

February 11/17, 1999 - LIVE IN LONDON 1997/5 CD RELEASE
21 tracks of the BBC Sessions with Dr Feelgood at the Paris Theatre in London recorded live 1974/5 shall be released by Grand Records in May 1999. Tracklist is to find at the Order Shop page.

January 29, 1999 - RECORDING PLANS
Finally there is good reason to hope for a new studio album of Dr Feelgood. There have been various ideas and wishes around, for example many fans asked for a new live album/video. Obviously the main problem is the Feelgoods are lack in time because of constant touring. Anybody who knows how it goes on tour will agree, it's not easy to write new songs in between the daily stress and fun. Nevertheless the Feelgoods plan is to go to the studio this year to do a "live in the studio"-recording, which means there will be only the four of them (no guest musicians), playing at the same time, no over-dubs shall be made.

October 9, 1998 - CZECH GIGS
In September Dr Feelgood played some gigs in the Czech Republic - a country which I think unfortunately still is frequented quite rarely by bands from the rest of the world. Support act at the shows were Czech band Brutus. Kevin told me the band enjoyed playing there very much. They were glad - in opposite to their gigs in Russia (Moscow) few years ago - the audience was not selected (means: only the "loyal to the government" and rich people had the chance to get tickets). This time anyone could come to see the bands. Typical for the Feelgoods (whenever time allows) they made some sight-seeing. Kevin said it's a very nice country with friendly people, it just made them a bit sad to see how poor most of them are. The situation reminded a lot on the former DDR. Seems this is a good reason to return back soon to bring some more Feelgood feeling to the Czech!


I really wish I could tell you better news, but at the moment there are no plans to record a new Dr Feelgood studio album. There is some stuff fetched on tape but just for not losing the ideas. Kevin told me he still collects stuff for getting the "Rare Feelgood Songs" CD together. It shall include the B-sides of singles but probably nothing which the true collectors would call really rare. A release date of this cd is not confirmed yet.
Rumour also goes since a while about doing a live-recording in the Tavastia Club in Helsinki, Finland, which probably would offer a good chance for doing a proper video too. Also a non cofirmed "Yes" regarding this theme of the Feelgood office, I am afraid. Well, I know the Feelgoods are aware there is need in getting these things sorted out sooner or later, as the fans ask for new stuff in form of an album and/or video since a long time.

The Essex Police Department recently sent a poster to Feelgood manager Chris Fenwick, showing pictures of current collections of LSD papers in various designs including the smiling Feelgood Face! I neather want to preach against drugs use, nor I enjoy seeing people need (hard) drugs to feel good. Nevertheless I think one of those papers would make a very special item in my Dr Feelgood collection ;-) ! Anyway, I can tell you, no one of the Feelgood camp has something to do with it!

March 3, 1998 - GYPIE & THE YARDBIRDS IN SWEDEN & Gabi says: Sorry folks...
Naaah, this is not another announcement of "The Yardbirds on german TV" which then will come out as a mistake again! I'm very sorry for anyone who sat in front of the telly (like me) waiting for the Yardbirds at Leverkusen gig but instead saw The Hamsters and Long John Baldry... I start hating those german tv magazines not telling exactly what will be shown! But this one is fact: The Yardbirds will play the Village at Vasterås in Sweden at March 18th 1998. If you want to get yourself a proof of that after all my wrong announcements - please visit the Village website or give them a call at T (021) 41 88 22. If you go to the gig please forward my best wishes to Gypie!

February 11, 1998 - DR FEELGOOD ON TV IN ITALY
February 6th Dr Feelgood were doing a TV show called Help (Videomusic/TML) in Italy. No idea if it was "live on tv" or if it will be broadcasted some other day. Anyone who knows details, please let me know! It would be absolutely great if I could get a video or audio copy of Dr Feelgood's appearance at the show, as I don't have the chance to access Italian TV channels. Naturally I pay the costs and add an autographed Promo Pic of the band as a Thanks!


January 31, 1998 - GYPIE & THE YARDBIRDS ON TV AGAIN? Part 2
If you followed my announcement of January 12 you will have recognized, there were no Yardbirds but The Hamsters to see on the TV at 23rd January. Sorry for this, but the TV mag told no details about includings of the show. Anyway, there is another chance at Friday 13, February, same channel 3 SAT 14:00-14:45 o'clock german time. Hopefully this time "Crossroads" will satisfy the Gypie fans. But again, I cannot give guarantee!

Kevin told me recently the Dr Feelgood No.1 Stupidity live album will be released on CD by the bands own label Grand Records probably in May this year. So if you missed to get one of the rare Stupidity + CDs (released by EMI in 1991, including some of the live Stupidity tracks) this will be THE chance to save your vinyl album from more scratches with getting the CD edition.
After going on Kev's nerves again with begging and praying for the urgently needed Rare Feelgood Recordings CD he admitted to have started to collect material for a planned release on cd, so if anyone got rare track(s) in good sound quality to add, let me know as quick as possible. Fingers crossed we do not have to wait for the cd till the 50th anniversary of Dr Feelgood (just kidding, folks!). Keep an eye at the Order Shop for upcoming re- and new releases.

January 31, 1998 - EMI CD RELEASE STOPPED!
EMI Records released a compilation CD called "Best of Dr Feelgood - EMI Centenary Collection" in September 1997. It is a sampler including 18 tracks of the years 1974 to 1980. As this is only an overview of the first half of the works of Dr Feelgood it is in fact very weird to call the album a "Best of..." when the complete second half (17 years!) are left out, what do you think? Anyway, the production is stopped as well as the shops have to stop selling the cd. No idea if EMI will change the name of the cd and re-release it later or totally cancels this project. If you already got a copy it maybe becomes an collectors item, who knows...


January 12, 1998 - GYPIE & THE YARDBIRDS ON TV AGAIN? Part 1
The 2nd Leverkusen TV show from May 1997 will be aired again on Friday 23rd January at 13:00 in the afternoon, it will be broadcasted on 3Sat which is 11, 347 Ghz on the Astra satellite for those of you who have got rid of the German stations. The show is going to be for 45 min. and will include an interview with The Hamsters, though I don't know whether it will be broadcast in English with German sub-titles or vice versa. If and which stuff of The Yardbirds will be shown I couldn't find out yet. Anyway, even if "only" The Hamsters will be on, they definately are worth to switch on the telly, for sure!

January 6, 1998 - GOTTA NEW VAN!
Kevin Morris told me the Feelgoods will drive over in a new vehicle to tour Germany this month. It's a Mercedes and more comfortable as the old van was. There's just one thing to hope: May they never try the "elk-test" in real when touring Scandinavia (hihi...).

December 3, 1997 - GORDON RUSSEL's TWO TIMERS
Just received a fax sent by Sarah James, Gordon's girlfriend and amazing singer and instrumentalist of the TWO TIMERS: Gordon and Sarah have moved back to England and look forward gigging there. At December 27 they will support Dr Feelgood at the closing gig of the 25th Anniversary Tour 1997 in Westcliff, Essex. A new album is in planning and the last cd will be licenced to Grand Records next month to be available via the Order shop then.

November 30, 1997 - GYPIE MAYO & THE YARDBIRDS
Bluesfestival Leverkusen / Germany, May 1997: If you missed the german TV show in September here is good news - it will be repeated on Friday 23rd January (probably late night) on WDR/West 3 which is easily available on Sky. This time the show is longer and shall include interview(s). The programme originally was titled "Crossroads". (Also see message of September 24, 1997- further down below!)


November 11, 1997 - ON THE ROAD - NEWS FROM SWIZZ
Phonecalls by Kevin: The Feelgoods enjoy the nice weather in Switzerland after having had a good time in France. They all are well and send greetings. I took an invitation to the gigs at 9th and 10th and we had a really great time being together again! Lots of drinking and talking, who needs to sleep?! News about the planned live video: The Feelgoods are searching for a TV company for the production.

This is not brandnew, but worth to mention anyway: Some of you will already know The Pirates are back on the scene since a while. 1996 saw a new album release, "We've Been Thinkin'", including their own version of "Going Back Home". Guest vocals on "Blue Suede Shoes" by Motoerheads Lemmy!

September 24, 1997 - GYPIE MAYO & THE YARDBIRDS - Review
23rd September - Finally last May's Leverkusen Blues Festival in Germany was broadcasted on german TV channel WDR. The furious 30 minutes opening with The Hamsters saw me dancing in front of the telly, they really rocked the boat (as expected).  It went on a bit quieter with Long John Baldry and the Mick Taylor Band. Keeping me curious til the very end, the WDR unfortunately just showed three songs of The Yardbirds. Great memories came back to mind on the good old days, but to be honest, it made me a bit sad to see Gypie's talent wasted, if you know what I mean. He wasn't given the chance to show what a great guitarist he is. Reminded me a lot on when I saw Steve Walwyn playing in the Big Town Playboys, who - no question - are absolutely brilliant, but surely not a band which offers enough space for the Whirlwind. Curious on the forthcoming Yardbirds album, I hope Gypie will get the chance to put his personal stamp on it. Shown on TV were Out Of The Dark, Smokestack Lightning and Little Schoolgirl, which I enjoyed at most. Ojeh, I can see the Yardbird fans going berserk on me now... Sorry, but I'm totally infected by the (ex- and)Feelgood virus. Please take my apologies!

October 1997 - LIVE VIDEO IN MAKING?
In May 1997 I told the Feelgoods and their manager, Chris, many of us fans would like to see the production of a live video with the actual line up. All of them agreed with that idea but are too busy touring to give it a deep thought at the time. In the meantime some of you recognized some (hopefully) professional videoing man at some concerts. Do they take a step forward regarding our wish? As soon as I get more info about this I will let you know.


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