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Larry WallisLarry Wallis

is well remembered from his times with Blodwyn Pig, UFO (a short spell), the Pink Faires, Mick Farren / The Deviants, and - of course - as a founding member of Motörhead. Not to mention the many appearances he had with other bands and musicians.

He not only was featured with the outfit 'On The Bench'
(Larry - guitar, b-vox / Lee Brilleaux - slide-guitar, b-vox / Phil Mitchell - bass, b-vox / Ian Gibbons - keyboards / Age Keys - harmonica / Mark Salkeld - drums, b-vox / Larry's dog Scarlett - all other noises)
on the ''Escape from Oil City'' album of the legendary 'Canvey Island Allstars' in 1991
(Dean Kennedy - lead vocals, guitar / Roman Jugg - guitar, lead vocals / Warren Kennedy - lead guitar, b-vox / Paul Gray - bass guitar / Clyde Dempsey - drums, perc., guitar, b-vox),
but also provided Canvey's famous British R&B export - Dr Feelgood - with various songs, such like

As long as the price is right - Lyrics / Soundclip 1 (Be Seeing You album) / Soundclip 2 (Live in London album)
Can't find the lady - Soundclip (Mad Man Blues album)
Close but no cigar - Lyrics
Going some place else - Lyrics / Soundclip (Case Of The Shakes album)
I love you so you're mine

and was co-writer of their tunes

Dangerous - Lyrics
King for a day - Soundclip 1 (Case Of The Shakes album) / Soundclip 2 (Live In London album)
Punch drunk - Lyrics / Soundclip (Case Of The Shakes album)
Talk of the devil - Lyrics

Larry and cactus
Larry appeared on stage at the 9th Lee Brilleaux Memorial, beautifully covered in this shirt.
Various people (including me) wanted to know, where he has got the great shirt from. I asked
and he said, he bought the shirt in a junk shop years ago and would buy more if he could. So if
you know where to buy such alike shirts - as long as the price is right ;-) -
let me know.


2001 finally saw the creation of Larry Wallis' first solo-album cd, all new recordings, produced by 'The Artiste':

Deat in the Guitarafternoon


was recorded at Fido West, London, by following maestros:

.Larry Wallis.......... .George Webley.......... .Wayne Casserly.
Larry Wallis (vocals & guitar) - Big George Webley (bass) - Wayne Casserly (drums)
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Mixed by Toby 'The Bat' Chapman, who used his industrial-sized magic wand at Terby Towers for Smoke and Mirrors Productions.
Andy 'Cyberstitious' Bell steered this raft of lost souls thru' some pretty white water, but no lives were lost, which was nice.
And not forgetting Al 'let the chemicals do the work' Bart, without whom Poppa would no doubt have remained Hot-Dog free.
Magnificiently mastered by Dennis 'Radar' Smith.
All songs written by Lazza, with the exception of two rather fine lyrics by the poet Farren.

''It's the bop that just won't stop!'' - Gene Vincent outta Mick Farren, Dodge City, 1837
''After a million years of Chemical Commotion, the best Larry Wallis record EVER!'' - Big George, Earth, 2003
''If'n I was still alive, I'd be NUTS about 'Death'.'' - Jim Morrison, The Afterlife, Whenever
''Far and away THE post-pinks album of 'em all.'' - Paul Cox, Vibes, 1967

''Just listened to bits of the first two tracks to straight realize, this cd is a MUST-HAVE!'
When checking out the complete album later I was proved right:
Larry takes us on a wild ride on his stinging clean guitar, through a refreshing mix of styles.
No borders, no prisoners. Well played, recorded, mixed and presented (the booklet on its own
is a piece of art and offers a glimpse onto the special humour of the mastermind).
'Death in the Guitarfternoon' is good fun and - in these sad times of constructed music and
teenie groups - a real pleasure to listen to. - Thank you, Larry! Hope you return for more!!''
- Gabi 'Miss Feelgood' Schwanke, Han(g)over/Germany, May 2002

Reviews by
Funtopia - February 2002 (external link)
Mick Farren - Los Angeles, 2002 (external link)
Paul Cox - Vibes Record Store (external link)
Ken Shimamoto - I-94 Bar, Sydney, Australia (external link)



Available in stores from May 20th 2002
or order directly from Larry @

Order your copy before it's sold out!!!
Email Larry at LAZZAFAIRY@aol.com / guitarafternoon@aol.com



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