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With big sadness I had to say a last bye bye to a friend and former guitarist of Dr Feelgood:

John Philip Cawthra a.k.a. GYPIE MAYO
lost a long battle against cancer on 5am, Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013.

R.I.P. Gyp - Thanks for everything...
~ Gabi (
https://www.facebook.com/gabischwanke.5 )
=> To the memory of Gypie, here's some MP3-Audio files
Gypie Mayo home recordings 2006

.Vintage Guitar - Feb.2004.

The Yardbirds Tourdates

For (hopefully up-to-date) Tourdates visit the official THE YARDBIRDS WebSite (www.theyardbirds.com)

Gypie Mayo (guitar) - HAS LEFT THE BAND END OF 2004. He was replaced by Jerry Donahue.
Chris Dreja (guitar/vocals/percussion)
John Idan (bass/vocals)
Jim McCarty (drums/vocals)
Billy-Boy Miskimmin (harp/vocals/percussion)
=> Billy has released an 11 tracks solo-album in 2003, ''Billy-Boy comes clean'', feat. Lou Martin (piano) and Nine Below Zero's Dennis Greaves and Brendan O'Neill ! Visit his web site at
www.billyboyharp.com for info and ordering details.

Visit Gabi's YARDBIRDS Gallery for tourdates, photos (2001-2003), video clips and links to other relevant Yardbirds sites.
(That site is stored at my other domain)


If you didn't arrive here straight from Gypie's chapter at the "More Feelgoods" page I'd like to recommend to first read there (it includes an intro related to The Yardbirds) before continuing on this page. Info about Gypie's time with Dr Feelgood and his work with other ex-Feelgoods is available at the Bandhistory page, while Gypie's answers to the Dr Feelgood Questionaire offer a deep and informative view onto/into his musical life/personality. Actually you "crash into" Gypie several times on this website, for example, check out the Early Days Photos, More Records, Songs & Lyrics A-Z, Grand Records Order Shop (all CDs from the Gypie/Dr Feelgood era are available to order), Albums page with many sound clips...
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Dr Feelgood - Colchester 22.May 1977
DR FEELGOOD - Coventry Theatre, Coventry, England - May 22, 1977

Gypie Mayo and Lee Brilleaux
DR FEELGOOD - Gypie Mayo and Lee Brilleaux - approx 1978/79 (just a guess)
(© COPYRIGHT UNKNOWN. Thanks to Bernie Beginn for sending the photo.)

Gypie Mayo, Big Figure and Lee Brilleaux
DR FEELGOOD - Gypie Mayo, the Big Figure and Lee Brilleaux - approx 1978/79 (a guess)
(© COPYRIGHT UNKNOWN. Thanks to Bernie Beginn for sending the photo.)

6 months young Gabi in our pub - December 19631963: A MEMORABLE YEAR IN VARIOUS CASES
Of course the year 1963 automatically puts John F. Kennedy into mind, but after this is not relevant for this page here's some other facts: The Yardbirds were formed in 1963, the beginning of a very important band in music history. As everyone knows, this band became the "training ground" for three guitarists who each one later set a milestone in his genre. First one: young Eric Clapton. The Blues had a baby and my parents in Germany too: Little Gabriele was born on June 19th and from the first breaths on was introduced to music (see photo of my Dad and me, just 6 months old, laying at my favourite place). The Wurlitzer jukebox in my parents pub all day long played the hits of that time. Good old vinyl 7 inches, good old memories. Who could imagine decades later I would become friend with some of the bands of those days! Simple coincidence? A definate NO! I believe in destiny. Regarding how my life (especially) music wise went until now, I am sure, there must be higher spirits involved...
>>> Here's a link for the ones eager to learn more about the "Certain Girl" - Fill the gaps between 1963 and now ;o)

September 1997: THIS & THAT
In May 1997 the Yardbirds played at Leverkusen Bluesfest in Germany. It was recorded by WDR TV (half an hour of the show was broadcast in September). Around May / June they spent two days recording in Jeff Becks home studio. In July, August the band successfully toured the U.S.A. According to what Gypie told me, the band works on songs since a while. Seems a new Yardbirds album is in planning :o)

September 24, 1997: GYPIE MAYO & THE YARDBIRDS ON GERMAN TV - A Review
23rd September - Finally last May's Leverkusen Blues Festival in Germany was broadcasted on german TV channel WDR. The furious 30 minutes opening with The Hamsters saw me dancing in front of the telly, they really rocked the boat (as expected). It went on a bit quieter with Long John Baldry and the Mick Taylor Band. Keeping me curious til the very end, the WDR unfortunately only showed three songs of The Yardbirds. Great memories returned to my mind on the good old days, but to be honest, it made me a bit sad to see Gypie's talent kind of wasted. What I mean is, he wasn't given the chance to show what a great guitarist he is (The ones who know the live albums of Gypie with Dr Feelgood will surely understand why I was a bit disappointed...). It reminded me a lot on seeing current Dr Feelgood guitarist Steve Walwyn playing with the Big Town Playboys, who - no question - are absolutely brilliant, but surely not a band which offers enough space for the Whirlwind, there are simply too many great musicians in that line-up (the incredible Mike Sanchez, brilliant Frank Mead, etc.). Curious on the forthcoming Yardbirds album, I hope Gypie will get the chance to put his personal stamp on it. Well, maybe it was only not the right time/day, or the sound technicians of the WDR messed things a bit up (like usual and known from the famous Rockpalast festivals). Shown on TV were Out Of The Dark, Smokestack Lightning and Little Schoolgirl, which I enjoyed at most. Ojeh, I can see the Yardbird fans going berserk on me now... Sorry, but I'm totally infected by the (ex- and)Feelgood virus. Please take my apologies!

November 30, 1997: BLUESFESTIVAL LEVERKUSEN (Germany, May 1997) ON TV
If you missed the german TV show in September here is good news - it will be repeated on Friday 23rd January (probably late night) on WDR/West 3 which is available on Sky or cable TV. This time the show is longer and shall include interview(s). The program originally was titled "Crossroads".

January 12, 1998: GYPIE & THE YARDBIRDS ON TV AGAIN? Part 1
The 2nd Leverkusen TV show from May 1997 will be aired again on Friday 23rd January at 13:00 in the afternoon, it will be broadcasted on 3Sat which is 11, 347 Ghz on the Astra satellite for those of you who have got rid of the German stations. The show is going to be for 45 min. and will include an interview with The Hamsters, though I don't know whether it will be broadcast in English with German sub-titles or vice versa. If and which stuff of The Yardbirds will be shown I couldn't find out yet. Anyway, even if "only" The Hamsters will be on, they definately are worth to switch on the telly, for sure!

January 31, 1998 - GYPIE & THE YARDBIRDS ON TV AGAIN? Part 2 -
If you followed my announcement of January 12 you will have recognized, there were no Yardbirds but Hamsters to see on the TV at 23rd January. Sorry for this, but the TV mag told no details about includings of the show. Anyway, there is another chance on Friday 13, February, same channel 3 SAT 14:00-14:45 o'clock german time. Hopefully this time "Crossroads" will satisfy the Gypie/Yardbirds fans. But again, I cannot give any guarantee!

March 3, 1998: GYPIE & THE YARDBIRDS IN SWEDEN & Gabi says: Sorry folks...
Naaah, this is not another announcement of "The Yardbirds on german TV" which then will come out as another annoying "we present all bands of the festival excluding The Yardbirds"-thing again! I'm very sorry for everyone who (like me) sat in front of the telly eagerly waiting for the Yardbirds at Leverkusen gig but instead only seeing The Hamsters and Long John Baldry... I start hating german tv magazines not telling exactly what will be shown! But this one is fact: The Yardbirds will play the Village at Vasterås in Sweden at March 18th 1998. If you want to get yourself a proof of that (quite understandable, after all my wrong announcements) - please visit the
Village website or give them a call in Sweden at T (021) 41 88 22. If you go to the gig please forward my best wishes to Gypie!

The Yardbirds - 1999October 2001: THE YARDBIRDS IN GERMANY & Gabi admits: I was totally wrong...
On September 8th I finally had the chance to see ex-Feelgood guitarist Gypie playing live with The Yardbirds and straight had to revise (and apologize for) the negative opinion I had in January 12, 1998 (after seeing them on TV; see September 24, 1997-entry). This time the band appeared perfectly balanced, it was truly great and good fun to see the remaining original members Jim McCarty (drums) and Chris Dreja (guitar) teaming up with Gypie, Alan Glenn (well known as harmonica virtuoso from Nine Below Zero) and the only American guy who ever who joined The Yardbirds, John ''Detroit'' Idan (vocals and bass). Longterm hardcore Yardbirds fans who would "die for the original line-up" may disagree, but I call this line-up brilliant. They play the good old 60's Beat'n'Blues with a huge lot of freshness and - due to the variety (and good choice) of musicians - this bunch successfully transfers 40 years old songs from 1963 to 2003 in a fetching manner for both, old and young listeners. It was obvious the guys on stage enjoy what they're doing, the whole show was a real pleasure for eyes and ears. They were great, on and off stage, and I'm left with the wish to see them again hopefully soon and more often! Fingers crossed the upcoming album will be available as quick as possible!
Currently I am trying to get hold of the ''Yardbirds Reunion'' and ''Jim McCarthy Band'' cd's, also there shall be a video from a show at the ''Big Mamas'' in Rome, Italy, available somewhere. If someone is able to help in this way (I would buy copies or originals of the cd's or video) I would be very happy! Please send e-mail to Gabi.

In the meantime a live cd was (re?)released - Yardbirds Reunion. A studio album is in production since 2001, mainly recorded in Los Angeles, California. The Yardbirds have toured the UK from 10. Feb. to 10. April 2002, together with the Spencer Davis Group and The Troggs they even rocked the famous Albert Hall! Currently they are gigging in California and Nevada, U.S.A. (27.April - 17.May 2002), I suppose they also will do some finishing works on the upcoming CD. A bunch of really busy guys!! Me in the meantime could unexpectetly (and by pure chance) add a CD of the complete(?) Leverkusen'97 gig plus a video of the Yardbirds at the Big Mamas (Italy) to my collection. God bless the electronical highway...

Gypie Mayo flys over with The Yardbirds to tour Germany from 2. to 19. October. Going cross with the tour of Dr Feelgood (they even will hit the same venues more than once), so the german Feelgood fans will get the rare possibility to on night seeing the Feelgoods performing "Milk & Alcohol" and - just a few days earlier or later - having the chance to lend an ear to the composer of this smash hit (=Gypie Mayo). Isn't that wonderful? After Russ Garrett (host of the Yardbirds and Jim McCarty online forums) has provided me with a cd of the Laughlin' show (May 2002) I really can not wait to see the band again, tonight in Worpswede, live and alive!!! - A report will follow...

October 22, 2002: YARDBIRDS OVER GERMANY - A review
The Yardbirds survived travelling thousands of kilometers through a cloudy and mainly cold (sometimes also rainy) Germany. Everyone involved - including me - fetched a cold, which did of course not infect the intensity the band provided on stage. Starting the tour in the nicely filled Music Hall Worpswede I was smashed by the amount of energy and power, it was obvious the audience too enjoyed the show as much as me. Happy faces everywhere around. Personally I was very touched by the warm welcome I received from the band (remember, we only met once, 389 days ago!) Only bitter drop was the weird behaviour of the guy who runs the club, being convinced to have booked a band also means to rule over them (incl. to limit their rights for personal decisions). Anyway, simply ignoring any silly rule ensured all of us had a good time chatting and drinking backstage before and after the show. A friend of my parents - Professor Dr. med. J.P. - who already was a Yardbirds fan in the 60's (while I was still a baby) has joined me for the trip to Worpswede. He agreed, the "boys" are very nice and special people.
Because the Feelgood were also on tour in Germany I had to cancel my usual journey with them to at least see both bands as often as possible. So in between business commitments I travelled to various gigs of The Yardbirds and Dr Feelgood. It came out as a great and entertaining mixture (excluding the business stuff of course). Has let grow the wish to see both bands tour as a package. I already can see the Feelgood fans go nuts if Gypie would go on stage during the Feelgoods set to play "Milk & Alcohol" (only dreaming, folks!).
Resumee: ALL gigs I went to have been great. It also was a true pleasure and good fun to hang out with the boys off stage. They made me feel like being "part of the family", which was very nice, same like to have had John as company for the drive to Bielefeld. Kind from Jim to chose me to "get rid" of his wet shirt after the final show ("I wash it, but don't iron!" ;o)). Expect to see me wearing it when we meet again! A special thanks deserve technician Claude and tourmanager J.J. - the "good souls" of the tour - who ensured everything goes and works smooth and properly. What a pity we three missed to say bye-bye to each other! Hope to see you all again some time hopefully soon. Until then, take care!

October 28, 2002: Off topic - McCarty & Cusack. Dad and son? Brothers? Uncle and nephew?
When checking out Lisa Brooke's nice collection of Yardbirds photos I crashed onto a shot of the Yardbirds drummer Jim (James McCarty) which strongly reminds me on one of my fave actors/men John Cusack. Compare below pics - don't you agree these two guys visually have got a lot in common? Maybe Jim should dig deep in his memories if he has maybe spent time with a pretty girl from Evanston, Chicago/IL around October 1965 (just kidding!!). To me these photos are fascinating. It has nothing to do with years, age or time, it more let's spring the "parallel worlds thing" in my mind. Just looking at the pics makes me feel good, they make me think on words like joy for life, humour, honesty and tolerance. Jim and John both are multi talented, sensitive artists and special human beings, who not only share the interest in music and movies with each other .They are obviously kind spirits, that's why I like them.

.Jim McCartyJim McCarty and John CusackMcCarty 1965 - Cusack 200John Cusack.
Jim McCarty........................Jim & John.............................Jim & John..........................John Cusack

.Gypie Mayo and Alan Glen - Yardbirds - 12. April 2003.
Alan Glen and Gypie Mayo - 12. April 2003
The Yardbirds at the Meisenfrei in Bremen, Germany


The YardbirdsJohn Idan - Vocals, Bass (1):
John Idan's charismatic stage presence, richly intense vocals and highly musical bass playing have made him hugely popular both with the music press and with audiences world-wide.
Gypie Mayo - LeadGuitar, B.Vocals (2):
Already a guitar legend in Britain as a result of his recordings in the 70's and 80's with Dr. Feelgood, Gypie's wildly inventive playing, passion, versatility and skill, makes him The Yardbirds natural successor, fast establishing himself as worthy to carry on the Yardbirds legacy as the chosen one.
Chris Dreja - RhythmGuitar, B.Vocals, Perc. (3):
When the group was formed in 1963, Chris Deja played rhythm guitar - switching to bass in 1966 when Jimmy Page joined as co-lead guitarist to Jeff Beck. Over the years he has contributed to the writing of many of the Yardbirds original songs.
Jim McCarty - Drums, Vocals (4):
Apart from the late Keith Reif, Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty were the only members of The Yardbirds who remained part of the group throughout its glorious existence - and now they are enjoying its second being.
Until summer 2003: Alan Glen - BluesHarp, Perc., B.Vocals (5):
Alan was previously a member of the highly popular R&B band Nine Below Zero, recording four albums with them in the early nineties. Along with his stunning and soulful harmonica playing, Alan has also gained a reputation and devoted following for his lively and eccentric stage persona. Alan has also recorded and performed with Alannah Myles, Alvin Lee, Dr. Feelgood, Little Axe and reggae artist Junior Delgado.
Since summer 2003: Billy Boy Miskimmin - BluesHarp, Perc., B.Vocals (not shown on photo):
Billy has formerly played with that great British R&B band Nine Below Zero, who are an obvious source for excellent harmonica players (just think on Mark Feltham and Alan Glen...). When Alan wished to leave the band for spending more time with his family and other band, The Barcodes, it did not need much talk to make Irish harmonica wizard Billy Boy rethink his ''touring retirement'', he happily joined The Yardbirds.

Reviews of the present-day Yardbirds

"The Yardbirds still proffer a blistering, crowd-pleasing set." - TIME OUT

"Stirring stuff...a wide vocal range combined with a gutsy delivery made John Idan an admirable choice of front man - he knew how to deliver the goods. This is the stuff that memories are made of." - BLUEPRINT

"Electrifying faucous Idan recreated the lead vocal parts of the late Keith Relf, the band's original singer, and Alan Glen contributed scintillating harp. McCarty and rhythm guitarist Dreja proved their mettle all set, and Gyple Mayo, formerly of Dr Feelgood, was splendid on lead guitar, accurately playing the parts made famous by Eric Clapton, Beck and Jimmy Page" - THE RIVER REPORTER

"By covering waterfronts of their professional career they left me wanting more." - MOJO

"They turned the clock back to recall in barnstorming fashion the powerhouse pop that made the Yardbirds name a blistering set which honoured the Yardbirds name as leading purveyors of harmonica - inspired blueswailing vintage excitement." - THE BEAT GOES ON!

Visit Gabi's YARDBIRDS Gallery with many live photos & video clips from 2001 & 2002
(stored at my other domain)

Recording News & Latest Releases

Jim McCarty Band - Outside Woman BluesLatest McCarty Release:

The Jim McCarty Blues Band CD "Outside Woman Blues" was released by Mooreland St. Records (USA) in Summer 2002. Recorded in 1994 by Jim McCarty (drums, vocals), John Idan (vocals, lead guitar), Ray Majors (guitar, vocals) and Rod Demick (bass, harmonica), this material saw its first time ever release. Tracks: Outside Woman Blues, Walkin Thru The Back Streets, Black Hearted Woman, Heavy Weather, How Blue, Framed, Hearts Not In It, Lawyers, Guns & Money, Two Steps Ahead, I Go Crazy, No Easy Way Out, Slow Driver. The 'Outside Woman Blues' cd is vailable from Russ Garrett, host of JIM McCARTY Fans Intl. Forum. Send check or money order (US$15.00 each item, free shipping) to: Russ Garrett, 501 Westport Ave #331, Norwalk, Ct 06851, USA. (Would be kind you let him know it was Gabi from Germany who has "sent" you :)

Yardbirds - Birdland - CD 2003New Yardbirds studio album:

April 2003: The Yardbirds released their first album in 35 years. Most of the ''Birdland'' album was recorded at Steve Vai's Mothership studio in Hollywood with producer Ken Allerdyce, the finishing works took place in London.
Beneath the flock of Yardbirds (Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja, Gypoie Mayo, John Idan, Alan Glen) the album features guest spots by guitarists Jeff Beck, Slash, Brian May, Johnny Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Steve Vai and Steve Lukather. Robert Knight and Dave Weiderman of Monolith Management secured the band their first recording contract as The Yardbirds since 1968.
The stunning new album was released on 22nd of April 2003 through Steve Vai's "Favored Nations" label -
www.favorednations.com. It includes re-recordings of 8 classic Yardbirds songs and 7 brand new tracks with more big surprise friends and guests!
Visit Starkult.de for more info.



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